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Transgender Symbol

What does the transgender symbol mean?

The symbols of the female (♀), male (♂), and Genderqueer (⚨) are united within a circle, which is a representation of transgender people. The transgender symbol looks like that sign - (⚧); It is commonly used to notate those who are the part of the transgender community.

The transgender symbol directly links the internationally accepted signs for males and females and a new entity, a mixture of the two, and is called - transgender. Some think that the transgender symbol represents the missing link, which serves to restore the connection between man and woman. The transgender character shows the potential and includes everyone, excluding none. The sign's circle symbolizes wholeness and signifies society, which consists of the transgender community. The misdirection of a society, who ridicules the transgender is also implied in the united symbol.

How to type a transgender symbol in the text

Transgende symbols for Google / Samsung / WhatsApp / Twitter.

There are various designs of the transgender symbol that varies between each platform and device. Hence, transgender emojis may look quite different since each web service, OS or other gadgets' manufacturer may create transgender emoji designs according to their vision and corporate style. Below you can see how the transgender symbol emoji (⚧) looks like on most popular platforms:

― in your browser.

― in Openmoji;

― In Microsoft.

The transgender symbol was approved in 2005 under the name of "Male with Stroke and Male and Female Sign" as part of Unicode 4.1. Later in 2020, it was added to Emoji 13.0. There are new inclusive emoji options, including a transgender emoji and the transgender flag emoji.

Users can directly copy and then paste this transgender emoji ⚧️. Codepoints for the transgender symbol ⚧ are U+26A7; U+FE0F. Shortcodes is :transgender_symbol:.

What are the common transgender symbols?

The transgender symbol, as mentioned above, has a combination of male (Mars), female (Venus), and Venus and Mars mixed characters. In the 1990s, the symbol was designed by Wendy Parker, Holly Boswell, and Nancy R. Nangeroni. This symbol is specific since it has a blue gradation and rounded line ends, on a lavender triangle which belongs to Nangeroni's vision. Still, otherwise, the transgender symbol belongs to none and can also be used freely. Unicode for this transgender symbol is U+26A7 ⚧.

There is also a transfeminism symbol, which combines the transgender symbol and the feminism symbol (e.i. a Venus symbol holding a fist of power).

That symbol is a specially designed sign for transgender to convey the idea of transgender equality, and hence, it is now called the "transgender equality symbol."

That is another symbol for a mix of female (Venus) and male (Mars) symbols. This sign may mean transgender or intersex and is a botanical symbol for hermaphrodite. This ambiguous symbol is also a representation of bigender people whose two genders are male and female. It can also be interpreted as a representation of heterosexuality. Unicode for this transgender symbol is U+26A5 ⚥.

What are examples of transgender symbol emojis?

The transgender symbol is the agreed sign representing individuals who do not feel like they are the gender they were born. Many transgender people usually dress in the clothes they feel most fit and comfortable in, so the transgender emoji can be used to reveal that switch into a more comfortable occasion. People can use this emoji if they want to be straightforward and tell others they are transgender and follow that lifestyle no matter what others think.

Here are some popular phrases with the transgender symbol emoji to use:

  • "I want everyone to know I am ⚧ and proud."
  • "I'm thinking of getting the surgery to be full ⚧. "

Besides, below you can see some combinations of emojis placed together, like this: ?⚧?. You may use combinations to make messaging or riddles without words. See examples below:

  • ? ⚧ ? - "Transgender."
  • ? ⚧ ? ? - "We are all equal."
  • ?️‍ ⚧️ ⚧ ? ? ? - "Transgender community."
  • ?️‍? ⚧ ? ? ? - “LGBT community”.

How to use and type Transgender symbol code?

  • If your keyboard contains separate NumPad, you should be sure that it is enabled. If it is not, press the Num Lock key to activate it then press hold down the Alt key on the left side. Type the number that represents that character or the symbol you want to insert and then release the insert key.
  • For example, for the greek letter omega Ω press and hold Alt and the type 0234 and then release.
  • There is another method that works only for word documents. In this method, you should type the characters first then press Alt and X. For example ( 0234 + Alt + X for greek letter omega ).
  • If you have a keyboard that doesn't have NumPad here is what will work for you. Find the Function key ( FN ) then presses and hold the function key while holding press and release Num LK key; then release FN key. This method will activate the numeric keypad in your laptop.
  • Then do the same steps as in the previous example.
  • Notice that in IBM code you don't use 0 (Alt + 255 ) before the code which is different from the windows generator that requires to add 0 (Alt + 0255 ) before the code.

Table of Symbols and Codes

Symbol Title / Description Unicode Code / HTML Code
Male with stroke and male and female sign, transgender &U+26A7 &#9895
Male with stroke sign, transgender &U+26A6 &#9894
Male and female sign, transgender, hermaphrodite (entomology) &U+26A5 &#9893