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Goku Symbol

Who is Goku

Goku, also known as Son Goku, is a fictional character of the Dragon Ball manga series created by Akira Toriyama. The series is based on Sun Wukong (Monkey King), the main character in the classic Chinese novel "Journey to the West." The origin story of it also shares some similarities with that of Superman.

About Goku symbol

Goku symbol and Master Roshi Kame Vinyl Decal sign.

The Unicode character is "極" (U+6975) for the Goku symbol. The 悟 sign is pronounced Go (meaning "enlightenment" or "wisdom"). It is the kanji that Goku adopts right after his training in preparation for future battles on Namek. Goku is a son of Bardock; his real name is kakorot, which is the name that Goku's mother gave him.

What is the origin of Goku's name? As they say, Goku was sent in an escape shuttle to the nearest planet, approximately an hour before Freeza blew "Planet Vegeta" into dust, kakorot landed on earth and was found by a strange man who took him in and named kakorot "Goku" which means "cloud." For Goku, his real name will always be Son Goku, instead of kakorot given by the biological parent, as Goku was the name his natural parent (who raised him), Granpa Gohan gave him.

In Dragon Ball Z and any other Dragon Ball shows, Goku wears iconic blue and orange clothing and a Japanese symbol. Goku's attire is called a 着 (gi) - a lightweight two-piece material used when engaging in martial arts. For instance, 柔道着 (jūdogi) is the clothing that is worn for judo, and 空手着 (karategi) is worn for karate.

Meaning of Goku’s first symbol

Dragon Ball; Goku symbol.

Goku symbol is printed with 着 (gi), which is 亀 (kame), meaning tortoise in Japanese. That sign makes a lot of sense about the man who trained Goku as a kid - Master Roshi. In the series of Dragon Ball Z, the older man Master Roshi is also called by his other name - The Turtle Hermit. In Japanese, this word is spelled as 亀仙人 (kame sen nin), which has that same kanji that is designed on Goku's clothes: 亀.

Hence, the clothing that is shown on the Goku symbol shows the symbol of the boy who he undertrained. That critical insight will generally give away Goku's next character’s meanings, which you will immediately recognize if you have ever watched the series of Dragon Ball Z.

Meaning of Goku’s second symbol

Goku symbol. Goku is wearing an iconic orange costume with different logos on them.

Another symbol shown on the Goku symbol is the 亀 sign for the original series of Dragon Ball and the 2-nd show Dragon Ball Z. Then, once Goku dies the 1-st time, he decides to travel to King Kai's planet to train with and get strong enough to fight against the evil Saiyans coming to earth. King Kai's Japanese name is 界王様 (kaiō-sama), which conveys a lot of information about the owner as a person; here is a breakdown, see below:

  • 界 (kai) = The World;
  • 様 (sama) = An Honorific;
  • 王 (ō) = King.

Now, you can better see from Goku's name that this boy is the King of the entire world. And indeed, that fact makes sense when you know the story well. Here is where the story gets interesting; for instance, King Kai's symbol is his name 界王, but it is written vertically instead of horizontal. That fact also makes sense for the written Japanese language, which is quite typically written vertically. In the show, the kanji have been soon altered so that they had to fill up the circle entirely and then look aesthetically pleasing. When Goku trains under a new master, Goku will get a new symbol on his strings to reflect that fact.

How to use and type Goku symbol code?

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Table of Symbols and Codes

Symbol Title / Description Unicode Code / HTML Code
Goku &U+6975 &極