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  • The Num lock should always be enabled. If it is disabled when you are attempting an alt code, it may cause errors or unexpected results in some applications. For example, Alt+4 could be interpreted as Alt +, ← which causes the browser to go back if the Num lock is disabled.
  • If your laptop keyboard doesn't have a separate NumPad, you should hold FN button with Alt button while typing the code.
  • This method does not work for Linux system, but it is possible to use Unicode.

Bullet Symbol (bullet point)

Bullet symbol typography

In typography, a bullet symbol or bullet point, •, is known as a typographical symbol or glyph which is used to present the items given in a list. The bullet symbol does not include only one shape; it has many varieties of shapes, such as a square, circle, arrow, or diamond. Lists that you will make with bullets are called bulleted lists.

Bullet symbol usage

Most of the time bullet symbols are used in technical writing, notes, reference works, and presentations. Where the bullet symbols are most frequently used. Here is a list of some common examples where bullet symbols are used:

  • Technical writing
  • Reference works
  • Notes
  • Presentations
  • Lists.

Also, an alternative way to replace bullet symbols and still present items in a list is a number. For example:

  1. Technical writing
  2. Reference works
  3. Notes
  4. Presentations
  5. Lists.

People also use bullet symbols as a way to hide confidential information or password. Here you can see an example of how the bullet glyph is used for hiding the credit number: 1094 5658 9976 1765 it can be hidden like this •••• •••• •••• 1765.

How to create a bullet symbol list in MS Word on Mac

If you want to use the bullet symbols or numbers in your list you need to follow the steps below:

Step 1 – The first thing you do is to place your cursor where you want to place a bullet symbolized list or numbered list.

Step 2 – Next you should press the arrow next to Bullets or Numbering. This action you do on the Home tab.

Step 3 – When you press on the bullet symbols arrow or the numbering arrow, then you need to choose a style of what kind of them you prefer to use and start typing.

Step 4 – If you want to continue the list with bullets or numbers you need to press enter on your keyboard every time you want a new bullet or number. To end the list you should click enter twice.

How to use the bullet symbol Alt Codes

Here you can see code numbers and names of bullet symbols for using them:

  • Alt+7 - Circle bullet

◘ Alt+8 - Reverse bullet

○ Alt+9 - Empty bullet

◙ Alt+10 - Reverse bullet.

Here you can see a bullet symbol unicode numbers and its names to use:

  • • - Circle bullet

‣ ‣ - Triangle bullet

⁃ ⁃ - Hyphen bullet

⁌ ⁌ - Leftwards bullet

⁍ ⁍ - Rightwards bullet

◘ ◘ - Inverse bullet

◦ ◦ - White bullet

⦾ ⦾ - White point bullet

⦿ ⦿ - Black point bullet.

Here is the guide on how to use them: for using these codes, click and hold the ALT key, and write the number of the desired symbol. Use Unicode bullet symbols in an HTML document or copy-paste the symbol chosen by you.

How to insert a bullet symbol in MS Word

Here are two ways you can do this in Word. These steps will guide you on how to insert a bullet symbol in Word:

Step 1 – Paste the insertion point in the place where you want the bullet to appear.

Step 2 – At first you should select the symbol from the Insert menu. Word shows the symbol dialog box. You can see the mentioned dialog box intended for symbols in this photo below.

Step 3 – Then you need to use the Font drop-down list to choose the font you prefer to use for the bullet.

Step 4 – After you choose the bullet symbol you should double-click on the bullet character which you want to paste.

Step 5 – Then you need to press on Close inscription. The second way to insert a bullet symbol is to hold down the Alt key and meanwhile type the digits 0183 on your numeric keypad. By doing so, you will insert a small round bullet symbol at the insertion point.

How to use and type Bullet symbol code?

  • If your keyboard contains separate NumPad, you should be sure that it is enabled. If it is not, press the Num Lock key to activate it then press hold down the Alt key on the left side. Type the number that represents that character or the symbol you want to insert and then release the insert key.
  • For example, for the greek letter omega Ω press and hold Alt and the type 0234 and then release.
  • There is another method that works only for word documents. In this method, you should type the characters first then press Alt and X. For example ( 0234 + Alt + X for greek letter omega ).
  • If you have a keyboard that doesn't have NumPad here is what will work for you. Find the Function key ( FN ) then presses and hold the function key while holding press and release Num LK key; then release FN key. This method will activate the numeric keypad in your laptop.
  • Then do the same steps as in the previous example.
  • Notice that in IBM code you don't use 0 (Alt + 255 ) before the code which is different from the windows generator that requires to add 0 (Alt + 0255 ) before the code.

Table of Symbols and Codes

Symbol Title / Description Code / HTML Code
Hypen bullet #8259;
Circle bullet #8226;
Inverse bullet #9688;
White Point bullet #10686;
Triangle bullet #8227;
⦿ Black Point bullet #10687;
White bullet #9702;
Rightwards bullet #8269;
Leftwards bullet #8268;