Zong tax certificate

General information about Zong

Generally speaking, Zong has created and managed a web portal for all its customers. The name of the portal was approved to be "Zong." Initially, the portal was only used for post-paid customers, but nowadays, the Zong platform is open to every prepaid user. With the use of this portal, Zong users have access and can manage their sims online.

By an easy and convenient login procedure to their private portal account, they access various things that the platform offers. For instance, Zong users can check out the history of their calls, sent out, or received SMS and internet usage. Besides, the Zong users may also look for the details of their sim cards. The benefit of this portal is that it is quite a user-friendly platform and very easy to use. The users can also search for the details of the latest packages and promotions. In case the user gets stuck or faces any obstacles while using the Zong portal, he/she can directly contact the Zong helpline by dialing digits 310 right from the user's sim.

Zong ECare account login information

Now that the user has a clear idea and general understanding of the Zong portal's services, they will wish to create an account like that. In this section, you will learn more about Zong login structures with the help of the step by step guide. Users often question how they can create their accounts? How to login, etc. You should follow these steps to do it right:

  • First of all, you need to go and open the official website of the Zong ECare Portal.
  • Once the platform is opened, you will be required to enter some information, such as your valid mobile number.
  • Next, you will have to fill in the captcha text. You can directly enter the captcha text, which is visible and readable in the image given on the screen.
  • Once doing so, the Zong platform will redirect you to a new page and ask you for the verification pin. For that, you should check your mobile device, where you will receive a text alert via SMS.
  • If you have successfully finalized the above steps, then you will see the Zong portal dashboard right on your screen. That enables you to fully enjoy all the services and benefits of the Zong account.

What are the features of the Zong E-Care Account?

In this section, you will learn more about the Zong ECare services that enables you as a user to check all the details given below:

— You can check Zong call history;

— You can check monthly bills details;

— You can check card recharge;

— You can check Zong Internet and SMS history;

— You can check free SMS or minutes left;

— You can check your payment history;

— You can check Zong SIM ownership details;

— You can check usage details;

— You can check Zong number block;

— You can check ECare Zong tax certificate;

— You can check “My Zong SIM detail”;

— You can check location-based charging;

— You can check complaint management;

— You can change Zong’s request history.

What are the basic terms and conditions of Zong?

Here are some essential tips to know regarding Zong’s terms and conditions:

  • Do not share private Pin with anyone to avoid any inconvenience;
  • In case of any inconvenience, like if a user wants to get his/, her Zong E-care forgot password information to reset account or for any other issue, he/she should call Zong helpline 310 (right from any Zong number). Another option is to dial digits 111-222-111 from any mobile number or landline with Area Code.
  • If there is no activity on the dashboard, the Zong session will expire within 10 minutes.
  • Any unethical or unwanted text messages may be reported to PTA via texting the sender’s message number to 9000 – PTA.