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About TJX companies

Generally speaking, the TJX Companies, Inc. which is shortly abbreviated TJX – is an American-based multinational off-price department store corporation. Th eTJX company is headquartered in Framingham, Massachusetts, USA. In 1987, the company was initially formed as a subsidiary of Zayre Corporation and soon became the legal successor to Zayre Corp. by following a company reorganization in late 1989s.

As of 2019, the TJX manages its flagship brand, TJ Maxx (spread in the United States) and TK Maxx (known in Europe). It operates HomeGoods, Marshalls, Sierra, and HomeSense, in the United States, while the Marshalls, HomeSense, and Winners in Canada. Overall, there are more than 4,557 discount stores in the TJX company portfolio situated in around nine countries. TJX also ranked as number 85 in the 2018 Fortune out of the 500 lists of the largest United States corporative companies by its total revenue.

History of the TJX companies

Talking about the history of the TJX companies, it should be mentioned that the original roots of the TJX Companies date to back to the 1977s when the very first T.J. Maxx store appeared and was introduced in Auburn, Massachusetts, USA, as part of the department of discount store chain – Zayre. Later, in June 1987, Zayre launched the TJX Companies as a subsidiary company. Then, in the first half of the 1988s, Zayre discount department chain stores faced operating losses of around $69 million on sales of approximately $1.4 billion.

As it became known, observers blamed technological inferiority, inappropriate pricing, poor maintenance, and inventory pileups, and Zayre was recognized as ripe for takeover. Throughout these periods, however, the TJX Companies subsidiary managed to continue to yield a profit. For example, in October 1988, Zayre Corporation decided to focus only on its energies to TJX. Accordingly, the company sold the chain store of nearly 400 Zayre stores to Ames Department Stores Inc. In exchange, the Zayre company received overall $431.4 million in cash.

Then, the company continued to mainly focus on its core business, to sell unrelated operations such as Home Club and BJ's Wholesale Club, leaving it with one brand – T.J. Maxx. Later, in June 1989, Zayre Corporation soon acquired the outstanding interest in TJX and hence, it merged with the subsidiary. As a result of this merge, the company changed its name from Zayre Corporation companies to The TJX Companies, Inc. The newly created company, The TJX Companies Inc., quickly began trading on the New York Stock Exchange.

In July 2015, the TJX Companies acquired the Home Secret and Trade Secret off-price retail businesses right from Australian company known as the Gazal Corporation Limited. The deal between these companies was completed in December. In October, Ernie Herrman changed the name into CEO of the company and replaced Carol Meyrowitz, who then took over in January 2016. Years later, in November 2019, the TJX company purchased around 25% stake in Russian retailer Familia.

As of Augst 19, 2020, The TJX Companies were impacted by COVID-19. The company continued to deal with the effect of COVID-19 pandemic on its business. The TJX company announced that revenues dropped around 31% over the three months, namely of May, June, and July mainly because of the extensive closures of the chain store shop for around one-third of the period. The TJX Companies later reported a second-quarter of over $214 million loss.

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Step 3 – Then, you will be asked to enter your billing zip code.

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