Wink emoji

Wink emoji definition

A winking face emoji or shortly called a wink emoji, is a great go-to and popular emoji for everyone, especially during the flirtatious situations. The sign is frequently used to flirt with someone who is attracted by the user. Besides, the wink emoji can appear quite helpful to use when one wants to be intrigued, playful, or joke and silently let the other person in on a secret. The emoji may also hint to prod someone takes a particular action or signal at desirable outcomes.

The wink face emoji features a yellow face with a slight smile and winking eye, usually the smiley's left eye. The wink emoji may signal a general positivity, joke, hidden meaning, or even flirtation. The tone of the winking face emoji varies across different platforms, gadgets, and devices. The overall appearance differs as well, including its playful, affectionate, ironic, and suggestive look.

Sometimes, users are confused with the wink emoji and other similar looking icons as well. Hence, be wary not to be mixed with the more sexual or mischievous ? smirking face emoji.

Initially, the wink face emoji's predecessor is the — ;) emoticon, which nowadays is still in-use. Unlike the wink emoji, the winking ;) the emoticon is made up right from standard keyboard characters. That winking emoticon dominated digital spaces long before the rise of the wink emoji. Even today, it continues to be widely used by people who prefer emoticons to emojis, and on devices where it is difficult to type the emoji without specialized keyboards.

When to use wink emoji

As mentioned above, the wink emoji has a slightly friendly smile with one ? eye closed and one eyebrow raised. This emoji's appearance represents a winking person's facial gesture, which is a recognized symbol of appreciation, approval, and understanding. When and how to use wink emoji? You may use the wink emoji in the meanings and in the context where the winking actions itself is used.

For instance, winking face emoji can be used as a synonym for phrases such as "? Okay," "Deal!" or "I understand what you mean." Besides, sometimes, the wink face emoji is used in the context of flirting. A bit less often, the wink emojis signal flirt or cause intrigue because of the lack of romantic features and elements in the emoji itself.

Here are some additional examples of wink emoji. You will discover exciting phrases and combinations of several emojis that create a context and convey a particular message. Check out the examples below:

  • "Everything will be all right. ?"
  • “Dude ? ❤️️ ?”
  • "Good luck. ?"
  • "Okay, I've understood Everything. ?"
  • “See you soon! ?”
  • "Summoned to dance. ? ? ?" 
  • "Camera cannot lie. ? ❌ ?"
  • "Body of lies ? ⬅️ ?? . "

Ways to insert wink emoji

There are various ways to insert wink emoji into your text, document, web page, or message input box. One of the easiest ways to type the wink emoji is to copy it from here — ? and then paste it wherever you want the emoji to appear.

However, emojis can sometimes appear as an empty black box, or a question mark, due to the device system. Some emojis that have been created lately is not fully acquired by all platforms, according to which the system cannot recognize and identify your inserted emoji. In that case, you will need to install a particular keyboard app in your device or use some code point characters.

In this part, you will see multiple code point characters by which you can get your wink emoji. Also, these codes can appear quite helpful for developers. See below:

  • Shortcodes — :wink: (used for Github, Slack) or :winking_face: (for Emojipedia).
  • Unicode for wink emoji — U+1F609.
  • Hex code points for wink emoji — 1F609.
  • URL Escape code for wink emoji — %F0%9F%98%89.
  • Windows Alt code for wink emoji — Alt+1F609
  • HTML Entity in decimal — 😉
  • HTML Entity in hex — 😉
  • UTF-16 hex code for wink emoji — 0xD83D 0xDE09.