White heart emoji

What is the white heart emoji?

A white heart emoji is accompanied by other hearts designed in different colors and variations, such as ❤️ ? ? ? ? ? ?. In 2019, the white heart emoji was approved as part of emoji, and nowadays, the emoji is accessible on most of the leading platforms and devices. A character is known as "White Heart Suit" is often used in the white heart emoji's place, but this white heart suit sign is not intended to have an emoji appearance. The white heart emoji was approved as part of Unicode 12.0, and later that year, the emoji was added to Emoji 12.0.

In other words, the white heart emoji is a heart symbol along with a hollow in its center. The sign comes by various names, such as the white heart emoji, hollow heart emoji, heart outline emoji, open heart emoji, and transparent heart emoji. Some people also use the term "emoticon" and "symbol" in place of the emoji, for example, the white heart symbol or the white heart emotion. However, despite the variety of these emoji's names, the official Unicode name is accepted to be a white heart suit. That is due to the "emoji," which is not an emoji and was a white heart symbol intended to represent the heart in a standard deck of playing cards.

What does the white heart emoji mean?

The white heart emoji has different meanings. In most cases, the emoji signifies the same thing as all of the other designated heart emojis — love. These hearts come in multiple colors so that people can freely enjoy the emoji's different colors. However, there are some alternate meanings for the white heart emoji. One of these meanings is to represent pure love. The person who uses the white heart emoji means that he/she truly loves the person he/she is sending it. Another ordinary meaning of the white heart emoji is craving for white chocolate. It is also a self-explanatory since the emoji is white.

The white heart emoji is designed as a white colored heart. The emoji is one of the various types of colored heart emojis accessible for all its users. The white heart emoji may be used to show ❤️️ love for someone or something. The white heart emoji users can also use the sign to reveal their craving for white chocolate. Besides, the white heart emoji can be used along with some combinations, such as the ? face blowing a kiss emoji, to show your love.

Another option of using the white heart emoji is with the ? chocolate bar emoji to express the love and desire for white chocolate, as mentioned above. However, it is not all about white chocolate lovers. The white heart emoji carries love and passion, and some crystal clear kindness as well. When you send the white heart emoji, you express your love, compassion, and care. For instance, you can send the white heart emoji to those people for whom your heart always stays open and for whom you are ready to come to the rescue even without expecting something in return.

How to insert white heart emoji in text

This section will find a shortlist of various codes and character points used to create and type the white heart emoji in text, messaging, web page, or blog posts. Besides, these code points may appear quite convenient and helpful for web developers. You can directly copy the code point and paste it wherever you want the white heart emoji to appear. See the code characters below:

  • Shortcode used to type white heart emoji – :white_heart: (acquired by Slack, Github, and Emojipedia);
  • Unicode used to type white heart emoji – U+1F90D (a fully-qualified character);
  • Hex code points used to create the white heart emoji –1F90D;
  • HTML hex used to type the white heart emoji – 🤍
  • HTML dec used to type the white heart emoji – 🤍
  • URL escape code point used to type white heart emoji – %F0%9F%A4%8D;
  • Punycode used to create the white heart emoji – xn--pp9h.
  • Bytes (UTF-8) were used to create the white heart emoji – F0 9F A4 8D.
  • CSS was used to create the white heart emoji – \01F90D.
  • JavaScript, JSON, Java used to create the white heart emoji – \uD83E\uDD0D.
  • PHP, Ruby used to create the white heart emoji – \u{1F90D}.
  • C, C++, Python used to create the white heart emoji – \U0001f90d.
  • Perl used to create the white heart emoji – \x{1F90D}.

Using the white heart emoji

In this section, you will learn about the different uses of the white heart emoji. For example, you can check the below-listed short popular phrases with the help of the ? white heart emoji to use in web and messengers:

  • You are so kind ?!
  • You are in my ?.

Besides phrases, there are several combinations of two and more emojis placed together, like this: ? ?. With the use of emoji combinations, you can make riddles, a message with your friends and family without words. For instance:

  • ?? – meaning the pure heart of a child;
  • ?‍ ? ? – meaning an elegant color;
  • ❤️ ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? – meaning holy colors.

Besides, the white heart emoji is famous across Japan, where emojis are called Kaomojis. Kaomojis are used to share situations and emotions using Japanese grammar characters and different punctuation marks. For instance, you can create something like this: ( ˘ω˘ )☞ ♡ ☜( ˘ω˘ ). With these combinations, you can be creative on the web and messengers and immediately impress your friends.

white heart emoji across different platforms

It is widely known that emojis look different across each device and platform. It is because of the individual web service manufacturers who create their design that matches their corporate vision, style, and taste. Above, you can see an image that shows that the white heart emoji may have a slightly different type in each platform