Weary emoji

Weary emoji definition

A weary face or so-called a weary emoji is a smiley featured yellow face, ? half-open or sometimes fully closed. The weary emoji usually has a sadly raised eyebrows or furrowed brows, open frown, and a ? sad open ? mouth. These characteristics make the emoji to be expressing someone too distraught to the point of giving up. The weary emoji is quite similar to ? the tired face emoji. The weary emoji conveys the feeling of being too sleepy, tired, and ? Sick. The weary emoji symbol is commonly seen with upper teeth and sometimes even with the tongue. 

The weary emoji can also convey multiple feelings of sadness, frustration, loneliness, affection, and amusement. Sometimes this emoji is playful in tone. The emoji looks like and means quite the same as ? the tired face smiley, but the weary emoji has the crescent-shaped eyes with one difference. The sign is also known as the distraught face emoji and wailing emoji. 

Code point characters for weary emoji

The weary face was approved in 2010, as part of Unicode 6.0. Later, in 2015, this emoji was added to Emoji 1.0. If you need to insert the weary emoji, you should know its codes. To insert the emoji, check out the following characters:

  • Unicode code point - U+1F629
  • Shortcodes - :weary:, :weary:, :weary_face:
  • HTML code in decimal - &#128553
  • HTML code in hex - &#x1F629
  • Hexadecimal Code - 1F629
  • Decimal Code - 128553
  • CSS - \01F629
  • C, C++ & Python - \U0001f629
  • Java, JavaScript & JSON - \uD83D\uDE29
  • URL Escape Code%F0%9F%98%A9
  • Punycode - xn--k38h
  • Perl - \x{1F629}
  • PHP & Ruby- \u{1F629}.

How to use weary emoji

The weary emoji can be widely used across messaging. It is frequently used when it comes to describing someone or something that wears the user down, or even when it comes to unpleasant or harmful vibes. Since inevitable things happen from time to time and are always upsetting, the weary emoji became a famous daily routine icon. This emoji can also express an ironic reaction to someone's stupidity.

You can use the following phrases with the use of the ? weary face emoji, to help yourself make messaging more attractive and touching:

  • “Oh no, it happened again!” ?
  • "I'm so tired of his silly comments." ?
  • “Why did you leave me?!” ☹️️??
  • “I'm starving: ?
  • “Now what?” ?
  • "It gets harder." ?
  • "You are such a bully." ?
  • "Hurry up; I'm waiting." ?

In addition to these phrases, you can also make riddles or messages with your friends and family without words. Emojis give you a chance to express your feelings and mood through symbols and various emojis. Hence you can combine some of the similar icons, like:

  • ? ? ? - definition: I watched Titanic. It was touching.
  • ? ?? ?? - meaning: Les Miserables.
  • ???? - definition: I cannot get her. She is moody.
  • ??? - meaning: Depressed / Exhausted.
  • ? ? ? ? - definition: Women’s attitude.
  • ? ? - definition: Sick tooth.

Weary emoji in different devices

Weary emoji across Samsung / LG / HTC / Mozila.

As seen in these photos, emojis can look different across multiple devices, platforms, and brands. For example, Samsung has previously designed and featured a new weary face emoji with large and half-closed eyes in tiredness. Samsung's new emoji has a cat variant too. Here you can check it - ? the sleepy cat face or merely the weary emoji more closely mirrors ? the look screaming in fear. 

Hence, each platform, web service, gadget, OS, or Android manufacturer has created and featured emojis and symbols. Every device shows emojis in a different appearance, some with slightly and some with entirely different features. The design of emojis varies according to manufacturers' corporate style, needs, taste, and vision. In this part of the article, you can see several weary emoji images and examine how they look like on most popular social networking sites, platforms, and devices.

Weary emoji across Apple / Google / Microsoft.

Weary emoji across Facebook / Messenger / Twitter / WhatsApp.

Weary emoji across SoftBank / au by KDDI / Docomo / Openmoji.