Voxi activate sim

What is Voxi

Voxi is a mobile network service made mainly for providing endless possibilities to its users. Voxi is a mobile virtual network operator (i.e., MVNO) which is run and powered by Vodafone. The service stands out from Vodafone and other United Kingdom networks in several ways. More preciously, the fact that you, as a user of the Voxi Sim card can use various popular video streaming services and multiple forms of social media without consuming into your data allowance.

How to activate your Voxi sim card

You, as a user of the Voxi mobile virtual network system, can activate your VOXI SIM card whenever you want – but at first, you will need to ensure that you are connected to the internet with your device. After checking the internet connection on your device you should enter into the VOXI website. Once you join the web, indicate the SIM activation code in the relevant section, and proceed further with the instructions of the VOXI sim card activation to activate the VOXI sim card. Be informed that, during the activation process of the VOXI sim card you must be online to create your VOXI account.

The instructions on how to activate the Voxi sim card include some steps to follow. See below:

Step 1 – First of all, when you visit the sim activation web page, be wary that you will be asked to enter your sim card number and the 10 numbers from the second and third line only on your VOXI SIM card.

Step 2 – After filling the above-mentioned sections, you should afterward press on the “Continue” button to continue the Voxi sim card activation process.

Step 3 – Next stage requires you to choose a plan for the Voxi sim card activation.

Step 4 – After choosing the best plan that suits your needs and preferences best, you will be requested to create your new Voxi account.

Step 5 – After completing all these above-prescribed steps, on the last step, you will be asked to review all sections and pay to proceed further and activate your Voxi sim card.

How much time does it take for a Voxi SIM to activate

Your VOXI SIM card activation process takes up to 3 working days. If you are waiting for more than 3 business days, it may be caused by some problems related to Royal Mail. For example, when ordering you can request no more than 8 VOXI SIMs, in case if your sim card has not arrived yet, you should try it again.

In case you want to leave VOXI, read the following information to become aware of a few ways to leave VOXI. First, you should know that all Voxi SIM card plans are designed to be flexible monthly subscriptions. One of the ways is that you can just sign in to your VOXI account anytime, then go to 'plans' and just stop your Voxi plan. You do not need to remove your Voxi sim card to leave your VOXI account – after which you will be automatically quit and will no longer be allowed to access your Voxi plan and any other extras you have left on your balance. Also note, that your account line will be disconnected during 6 – 9 months if you do not want to reactivate your Voxi plan.

Another way to leave VOXI is by using a STAC or PAC code. You can get these codes by your VOXI online account in the section which is named ‘Leave VOXI’, through the phone, or by text message. You may also contact the VOXI official web site dedicated PAC line right on the following telephone number at 0808 004 5205 or send text PAC to 65075 or STAC to 75075. Your code for quitting the VOXI account will be texted to you within 1 minute.