Universal card login

About AT&T Universal credit cards

The AT&T Universal Card, also known as Universal Savings and Rewards Card is a card that provides points for non-AT&T purchases by Citibank’s “ThankYou Rewards Network”, which is a fully free rewards program offering a variety of merchandise, gift cards, and travel cards at leading restaurants and retailers. The AT&T universal card offers three main credit card options that are included in the Universal card range. These are the Platinum card, the Savings and Rewards card, and the last is the Business Card. The first, Platinum card has good savings potential and interest, the Savings and Rewards card helps your savings and gets them on other AT&T products and services, while the last - the Business card - has a specific points scheme to support clients save with business expenditures.

AT&T Universal Savings Platinum – This is the card that offers clients savings potential depending on how much and how often they spend. For example, the cardholder gets 0.5% back for a maximum of $250 spent per month, 1% among $250 and $750, and around 1.5% for more than $750 on all types of purchases. There will be an introductory 0% on the cardholder’s balance transfers for approximately 12 months. Then, regular balance purchases and transfers will be 12.99% APR variable. As of universal card’s cash advances, it is 25.24% APR, while Regular APR goes up to 12.99% and it may be even more and is usually determined by Prime Rate. The transaction fee for this card’s advances and balance transfers will be 3% of the whole amount, or just $5. Concerning the late payment fee, it is up to $35, and the penalty APR is up to around 29.99%.

AT&T Universal Savings and Rewards - This is the universal card that gives benefits and rewards for all card users of other AT&T services. For per $1 that is spent on eligible products and services, in the 1st year of the card use, the cardholder gets 10% in discounts together with a 5% after the first year. Cardholders can save up to $350 each year. “Thank You” is a rewards scheme that also applies. As of APR for purchases, will be up to 15.99%, which can also vary to the Prime Rate. A 0% on balance transfer will be available for 12 months (note a 4-month transfer window), while a normal transfer APR is 15.99%. Cash advance APR is around 25.24%. Concerning the late payment fee, it is $35, and the penalty APR returns, as well as late payments, is up to 29.99%.

AT&T Universal Business Rewards Card – This is the universal card, by which cardholders are enabled to earn bonuses on all business-related purchases including travel and gasoline. Around 5 or 3 points are added on each $1 spent, depending on the purchase. There is an introductory 0% on all purchases for 6 months. Regular purchases are 14.24% APR variable, while cash advances are 21.99% APR. The APR may vary and is determined by Prime Rate. Transaction fee for balance transfers and advances 3% of the amount, or around $5.

Guide to AT&T universal card login

Generally speaking, AT&T is an international telecommunications company, offering phone, television, and internet services and packages for millions of people. AT&T also offers a wide selection of competitive universal credit cards for millions of consumers, either for personal or business use.

The AT&T universal card login is easy if you follow the instructions as guided. By logging into your universal card account you will be able to make a payment, manage your account, or view a statement online. To do any of these, you should go to the official website of citibank.com and click the “Login” button shown on the home page to the AT&T credit card login. Once you access your account, you will find useful bill pay information including payment mailing address, the details about the credit card customer service phone number, as well as billing phone number.

How to login to the universal card at citi.com

Go to the Citibank official website at www citi.com website and navigate to the right-hand side of your screen where you can find the sign in or login field. You should enter your user ID and password, then click on the Sign-On button to proceed to your account. If you want the site to save your user ID, you can tick the Remember my User ID box. This is an optional field so if you do not want to let the site save your information, simply ignore it.

How to activate a universal card

If you want to activate your universal card, click on the Activate universal card link shown on the bottom side of the Sign-On page on www citibank.com. Once you click on it, you will be redirected to a new activation page. Here, you have to enter the card number on your universal card without dashes and spaces. Tap on the continue button to proceed and follow on-screen instructions.

How to pay with AT&T universal card

Pay Online - AT&T universal card has an online account to support you manage your account, make payments online, etc. To make an AT&T Universal card payment tap on the “Login” button to register, or log in, or view your statement and manage your account online. This is an online service that helps you make payments by check and bank transfer, or set up a direct debit.

Pay by Phone - The AT&T universal card payment can be done through phone number which is 1-877-288-4577.

Pay by Mail - The AT&T universal card payment can be done through its mailing address which is P.O. Box 183037, Columbus, OH 43218-3037. You should include your AT&T universal card account number on your check, you can find it on your statement. To make sure ATT payment is received you can mail your payment at least 5 business days before the due date displayed on your monthly billing statement.