Thumbs up emoji

About thumbs up emoji meaning

Generally speaking, a thumbs-up is a gesture indicating approval. The thumbs-up symbol is a sign that people usually make by raising their thumb to show that they agree with someone and are happy or glad about a situation or an idea. It also signs that everything is all right. The thumbs-up emoji represents a human hand with the thumb extended and facing it upward.

The default skin color of that emoji is yellow. The thumbs-up emoji is depicted like this: ? a fully-qualified emoji as being the part of Unicode 6.0, which was initially introduced in 2010, and later, in 2015, the emoji was added to Emoji 1.0 codes.

How to use thumbs up emoji

The thumbs-up emoji is the icon of a centuries-old hand gesture, which looks like a person's fist with the thumb pointing up above; The opposite version of the thumbs up emoji is depicted: ?. Both of these thumbs emoji have the same meaning and use. The thumbs-up emoji is the widely known sign of liking and approval of something — and the emoji itself is based on that gesture, used online precisely in the same meaning, as people use it as a means of nonverbal communication gesture.

For instance, the thumbs-up emoji can be used instead of "yes" to answer a suggestion or an offer. Besides, the thumbs emoji can also serve as a symbol that the person likes some photo, ? movie, or anything else when it appears in a review or comment.

Below you can see some popular phrases and emoji combinations, which you can freely use. These phrases and combinations consist of the thumbs-up emoji and other emojis, which create a context. Hence, with the help of some of these examples, you will make riddles and messages even without typing words. For instance:

  • Wow, it is a great idea ?
  • You look so great in this picture ?
  • Well done! You did an excellent job! ?
  • ? ? ? ? – meaning: “Make a wish”;
  • ? ? ? – indicating: "Do you like my selfie?";
  • ? ? – meaning: “Walking is good”;
  • ? ? – definition: “Good luck”;
  • ? ? ? – resembling: “Four-leafed clover luck”;
  • ? ? ? ? ? – definition: “Good harvest”;
  • ? ➡️ ? – meaning: “Hand in hand”;
  • ?️ ? ? – description: "Woman's rights";
  • ? ? – meaning: "Like."

Thumbs up emoji codes

In this part, you will learn more about the Unicode and other code point characters that are useful and relatively easy to use in order to create or insert the thumbs up emoji wherever you want, whether it is a message input box or web page.

Unicode code points that are related to the thumbs-up emoji include the following characters:

  • Thumbs up emoji code: U+1F44D – ?.
  • Thumbs down emoji code: U+1F44E – ?.
  • The reversed thumbs up emoji code are U+1F592 – ?.

Many keypads and keyboard emoticons use the shapes of lowercase key "b" and "d" to signify a thumbs-up emoji or sign. Some simple versions incorporate a dash for the wrist, designated like this: -b (resembles right hand) and d- (resembles left hand). Besides, several Japanese kaomoji icons place the thumbs up emoji beside a face constructed right from punctuation marks, such as b(~ XZ)d, or d(^^)b. Moreover, multiple instant messaging services use the letters (y) and (n), which serve as a shortcut for thumbs up emoji and thumbs down emoji.

Thumbs up emoji across different devices

Thumbs up emoji, like other emojis, appear slightly different across various devices and platforms. That is due to the manufacturer’s design, priorities, vision, and creation. Thumbs up emoji came out in 5 different color variations, such as:

  • ?? Thumbs up emoji in dark skin tone;
  • ?? Thumbs up emoji in light skin tone;
  • ?? Thumbs up emoji in medium skin tone;
  • ?? Thumbs up emoji in medium-dark skin tone;
  • ?? Thumbs up emoji in medium-light skin tone;