Thinking emoji

About thinking emoji

A thinking emoji is designated as a yellow smiley face with furrowed eyebrows looking upwards and index and thumb fingers resting on its chin. The thinking emoji is meant to represent a person who is deep in thought or pondering. Quite commonly, the thinking emoji is used to scorn or question someone or something, as if saying, "Hmm, I do not know that." The tone of that emoji varies, being playful, earnest, puzzled, mocking, and skeptical. In 2015, the thinking face emoji was approved as part of Unicode 8.0 and Emoji 1.0.

Thinking emoji meaning

The meaning of the thinking emoji ? is a person's thinking face. The thinking emoji's deep in thought face is used to signify that someone is thinking about something. While the thinking emoji can seem self-explanatory, it can be used in various ways, and so there are several different meanings of that emoji. The most fitting and obvious is that the thinking emoji resembles that a person is thinking. For instance, when your friend asks you for something, but you are busy working a lot and can not help him/her, then you might answer: "Hmmm, not sure ?. "

The thinking emoji looks like a severe smiley, and one eyebrow raised and leaves an expression that someone is thinking about something essential. That is proven through the smiley's chin's characteristic rubbing, which is recognized as a pondering movement. The emoji's most common meaning is thinking over something, e.g., whether some statement is true or false, whether it is worth going somewhere, and so on. Apart from these meanings, sometimes the thinking emoji serves the purpose, such as: "I cannot believe he/she's doing such stupid things."

How to use thinking emoji

The thinking emoji can be used with other emojis and symbols, such as a thought balloon symbol ? or a light bulb symbol ? to signify the thinking process, or the process of having ideas, or learning. The thinking emoji can join the ? Hugging emoji, ? Face with a hand over mouth, and ? Shushing emoji as being one of the few smileys featuring a hand.

There are some combinations of emojis placed together, which you may use to make riddles or message quickly without saying words:

  • ? ? ? ? ? - meaning: Fruity choice.
  • ? ? ? - intention: I will think about it.
  • ? ? ? - meaning: What to choose.
  • ? ? ?️‍♀️ - definition: New year's resolution.
  • ? ? ? - meaning: Planning pranks.
  • ? ? ? - sense: Solving a problem or an issue.
  • ? ? ? ? - meaning: Which one to wear.

How to type thinking emoji

Below you will find the thinking emoji ? codes, Unicode, HTML, URL, or some of the other codes mainly used in programming languages as string data to produce the thinking emoji. Here are some of these codes:

  • Unicode uses code: U+1F914
  • HTML code in decimal: 🤔
  • HTML code in hex: 🤔
  • URL escape code: %F0%9F%A4%94.
  • PHP & Ruby uses code: \u{1F914}
  • Punycode uses code: xn--wp9h
  • Shortcode uses code: :thinking:.

Thinking emoji script language codes (used by developers):

  • PHP 7 uses code: \u{1F914}
  • JavaScript uses code: \u1F914
  • JSON uses code: \u1F914
  • CSS uses code: \01F914
  • Java uses code: \u1F914
  • C, C++ uses code: \u1F914
  • Python uses code: \u1F914
  • Perl uses code: \x{1F914}
  • Ruby uses code: \u{1F914}.

Thinking emoji across different platforms

The thinking emoji varies slightly in appearance, depending on the platforms. The emoji may be different on social networking sites, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Google+, Android version, or Windows. For instance, the new Android Oreo has acquired all-new emoji icons. Whenever the user copies the emoji and uses it, the emoji character may look different on each device.

In the above image, you can see how slightly different the thinking emojis are across these devices. It depends on the web service, OS, and gadget manufacturers who design emoji icons according to their style and taste.