Technicolor router login

Technicolor Router Login and access the Setup Page

Technicolor router’s web interface is the control panel used for the router. It is the place where all the settings are changed and stored. To make any changes to your network you will have to first login to your Technicolor router. There are some requirements you should know to access the Technicolor web interface. To access the Technicolor router web interface, you should have:

  • Technicolor router
  • Access to the network, via LAN-cable or Wi-Fi
  • A web browser.

Then follow the instructions:

  1. Ensure you are connected to your Technicolor router. Next, make sure you are connected to its network to be enabled to reach the setup pages of your Technicolor router. Now start by connecting to the network, either via your ethernet cable or WiFi.

Note: If you do not know your WiFi password for the Technicolor router, then you can simply connect to it with an ethernet cable, which will not require a password.

  1. After that, you need to open your web browser and navigate right to Then, open your web browser, type your router's IP address. The most commonly used IP for Technicolor routers is:

But, if that IP address does not work, you may search the default Technicolor router IP address list for a specific model.

  1. At this point, you should enter the username and password for your Technicolor router. Make sure you enter your current username and password and then click on the enter or sign in button. If you do not remember login credentials you can look at the default Technicolor credentials to view what the defaults are, as well as to reset to them. You can print these credentials and stick them on the label backside of your router.

Guide to Technicolor Default Router Login

To get access to any Technicolor router (such as (Thomson) TG703, TG233, CGA0101, or others), you will need to have the IP address of your router, together with the username and password. If you are not sure about login credentials you can find this information in manuals of your Technicolor router. Here is a guide that helps you login successfully:

  1. Go to your web browser (use Chrome, Opera, Firefox or Internet Explorer)
  2. Enter IP address (this is the most common IP for Technicolor routers). By doing so you will get access to the router's web-based user interface.
  3. Enter your router's username and password.
  • The default username is ‘admin’.
  • The default password is ‘admin’.
  1. Click "Enter" to view the control panel of your technicolor router.

Sometimes you may need your technicolor router's web interface IP address to be able to change security settings. Often, people do not know their router's IP address. You can find the IP address for your router on the bottom or backside of your router device. But this information can also be found in the user manual guide of your manufacturer Technicolor router.

Technicolor (Thomson) TG703 Default Router Login

If you have technicolor (Thomson) TG703 model default router (known also as Technicolor ADSL2 + Wireless Router / VoIP Gateway), you will have to provide the IP of your device, as well as the username and password. You should look for the information in your Technicolor (Thomson) TG703 router's manual guide. However, if you do not have that manual guide then you may use the below given quick guide.

To get access to your technicolor router's login page you will need to make sure that you are connected to the router. Then follow these step by step guides:

Step 1 - Go to your web browser (for example, Opera, Firefox, Chrome, or any other web browser).

Step 2 - Tap to autodetect your technicolor router IP address. Just within a few seconds, the tool will display a link to your technicolor router login page. You should click on that given link.

Step 3 - Then you will see two text fields where you are required to enter a username and a password.

Step 4 - Be wary that the default username for your Technicolor (Thomson) TG703 router is 'blank'.

Step 5 - And the default password for your technicolor Thomson router is 'blank'.

Step 6 - Enter these login credentials and click on the "Enter" button. Once you do so, you will see the control panel of your technicolor router.

Technicolor C1100T (CenturyLink) Default Router Login

If you are using Technicolor router C1100T CenturyLink To get access to your Technicolor C1100T (CenturyLink), you will have to look for the IP address of your router, you should also check the username and password. You can simply find this information in the Manual Guide of your Technicolor C1100T (CenturyLink) router. However, if you do not have it or do not want to read the whole guide to find the default login details then you can directly use the below-given quick instructions.

To get access to the technicolor router login page you should be connected to the router. Your default network name (i.e., SSID) is - CenturyLinkXXXX .

Here are steps to follow:

Step 1 - Open your web browser and enter your IP address.

Step 2 - Auto-detect your router IP or search for it in the list. After few seconds the system will show you a link to follow to get access to your router's login page. You need to click on that shown link.

Step 3 - You will see 2 text required fields where you have to enter your router’s username and a password.

Step 4 - If you are not sure about your router’s login details, check the bottom side of your technicolor router. Here, you will find your login details. If not then you can have a quick look at the manual guide of your router.

Step 5 - Type in the username and password, then tap on the "Enter" key and you will be able to see and access the control panel of your technicolor router.