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Spanish with Paul Course Review

Spanish with Paul is a course that provides over eighty hours of video lessons for learners to work through. The course is designed to take each learner right from his or her first words in the Spanish language up to learning about the pluperfect subjunctive. The Spanish with Paul course is divided into nine levels, and there are loads of materials for learners to explore. Paul who is the teacher of this course recommends his learners browsing via the videos one by one without skipping anyone, even if any of these learners already know some basic Spanish. It is since learners are all interdependent and in this regard, Paul has designed the best-suited curriculum for all learners.

Course’s level 1 is an introduction where the learner will quickly increase his/her vocabulary while learning the Spanish equivalent of English basic words (it is also known as cognates). Connecting words is a helpful tip when learners form their first sentence in that target language right after watching a few short videos. The level of difficulty increases gradually and grammatical patterns are also added step by step to the vocabulary to help learners learn more and more verbs and conjugations.

After the introductory part, learners start to digest and then translate rather long articles, texts and stories. Each level includes different components, with audio versions. These videos differ in length, with the shortest lasting about 3 minutes and the longest up to 22 minutes. While these resources cover various materials in a lot of depth, the learner is not yet asked to produce many other than pausing each video and pronouncing things out loud.

Although, the Spanish with Paul course includes short test videos for learners to enable them to see how much information they have retained from a particular time. All of the material is given in a very similar manner. The main idea is to get learners engaging with the Spanish language and thinking about how this target language is used and spoken rather than simply memorizing basic words, texts, phrases, sentences and even grammar points.

How to register for Spanish with Paul course

To get started with the Spanish with Paul course, you should first register on its official website and try to log in to your new account. To do so go to the www website and get started:

  1. Enter your first and last name
  2. Enter your email address
  3. Create a password of your choice
  4. Agree with Terms and Conditions.
  5. Click on the Sign In button to get into your account.

Alternatively, you can sign via social networking sites such as Linkedin, Facebook or Google.

Guide to Spanish with Paul login procedure

Open the website at www or simply copy and then paste it into your web browser's search engine box. Once you open the website it will show you a welcome message and a login field. As you have already registered, created an account and have your username and password, now you can successfully login to your page. To do so, you should enter the email address and password you created upon registering for the website. Then click on the Login and wait to proceed to your account page.

How to get started with Spanish with Paul course

On the homepage, you will see a short welcome text together with a few videos that Paul, the teacher, recommends learners to watch before starting the Spanish with Paul course. These videos explain why people cannot learn Spanish and approximately how long they should spend learning this target language each day. Afterwards, Paul suggests getting starting with the first lesson in Spanish Level 1 that work each learner's way through the course. The main goal here is for the learner to speak Spanish competently and confidently.

After reading the article posted on the homepage, a learner can continue to watch the first video of level 1 called - "Getting Started" - this is the video that will teach learners how to use these videos. Besides, learners can view the courses, syllabus, prices and other important information right on the main web page. See the image below:

Spanish with Paul course's first module focuses on increasing vocabulary, giving a learner a feel for the language and improving pronunciation. Indeed, the first module is an introduction to basic Spanish before the actual course begins. For example, the next learning video, in comparison to the first looks at about around 2000 – 3000 words that both Spanish and English share in common.

In the next 'Categories 1 and 2' section, Paul draws attention to words ending in 'ible' and in that way he teaches learners how to pronounce words such as 'flexible', 'impossible,' and 'possible' in Spanish while throwing in a couple of other similar words like 'it is,' 'not' and 'like this.' By introducing these patterns, Paul tries to show learners that they can already construct their very first sentences in Spanish right after just a couple of minutes. The 15-minute video is introductory but efficient, where Paul talks about how many different sounds there are in Spanish being pronounced.

The third and final video of the Spanish with Paul course 'Categories 1 and 2' section focuses on 'able' words as well as pronouncing them. Paul guides learners through some new vocabulary while at the same time he added a couple of new Spanish linking words to create new short texts and sentences.

The very final lesson from the Spanish with Paul course is called 'Final Review and Thoughts'. It is a video where learners put their knowledge to the test to see how much details and overall information they have retained throughout the course. Although the videos look quite similar to each other for the first 5 levels, learners make great progress and learn various Spanish terms in what seems to be an efficient manner. At the end of the course, i..e, Level 5, for instance, the learners are given around seventeen different sentences for them to attempt to translate, and by doing so, they will be enabled to demonstrate just what they should be capable of of at that particular point.