Skyslope login

What is Skyslope

Skyslope is the so-called all-in-one transaction platform intended for agents, brokers, auditors, and transaction coordinators to store, execute, audit, and organize real estate documents from anywhere and at any time. Skyslope, from automation to integrations, helps to keep its brokers and agents stay connected to the customer forever.

The Skyslope website offers its users a real-time compliance tracking. Hence, each interaction, email, text message, and more are stored and captured in a digital log. It also provides fully integrated forms and digital signature to get signatures from the potential clients. To use these features, the sky slope users have to upload and select their ways, add text and signature blocks, and then send them to their clients.

Besides, the Skyslope is a tool that offers integration partners; what does it mean? The Skyslope is where users can access all their data since the Skyslope is a primary hub for all the users' tools daily. For example, starting from CRM ended to accounting, all transaction details will be seamlessly linked across all sky slope users' applications.

How to log in to Skyslope

As mentioned above, Skyslope is a fantastic tool for brokers and agents to use it for their business. To use any of those features provided by the Skyslope, users must create a new account and join the platform. However, those who have already signed up and have created Skyslope login accounts now will need to log in to the Skyslope website.

To log in to Skyslope, you will need to fill in the empty gaps, such as the following:

  • Enter your username (Note: username can be your email address);
  • Enter your Skyslope account password.
  • Click the “Sign up” or “Log in” button.

If you forgot your password, you should hit the "Forgot Password?" and follow the instructions that will immediately appear on your screen once the system redirects you to a new Skyslope page. To reset the Skyslope account password, you will need to enter your email address and submit it to receive the relevant information and instructions to complete the password resetting process.

How to add a new Skyslope account

When you are a broker or admin, you may want to keep track of your agents. In this part, you will learn how to add new users to your Skyslope team in the Admin Hub. So, if you have a new agent on your team, you can set them up as new SkySlope users once you complete these steps:

Step 1 - Once you open the Skyslope login account, press on the SkySlope icon located in the upper right corner. Then select "Admin" it will redirect you on to the "Admin section." Here, click on the "Manage Agents."

Step 2 - In the "Manage Agents" category, hit on the green button saying "Create Agent."

Step 3 - The new page of their account information and details will immediately open. To create the new account for an agent, you should enter their first and last name, email address, and office name to be assigned to (if possible). Then, fill out this information, and click on the "Save" tab located in the lower right corner.

Tips that are available on Skyslope:

  • "Use Digital Signature" - It enables users to access to DigiSign via their Skyslope account.
  • "Allow TC Access" - If TC access is allowed for admin or an agent, then it means that any TCs in the office will have access to create files on behalf of that Skyslope user. Hence, the agent and the TC will have entry to the created files.
  • "Allow Add Users" - When adding an auditor or an admin Skyslope account, this option will immediately dictate whether or not the Skyslope admin has access to create accounts for new users in their Skyslope account.

As a result, the new agent's account will be created and added, and they will once receive an email labeled with "Welcome to SkySlope!". Through this email alert, all the Skyslope agents will get the information about their username. Once received this email, users can set up their new password and quickly complete the Skyslope login procedure to start their work.