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About Shadowverse

Shadowverse is a free-to-play strategic multiplayer digital card game published and developed by Cygames in Japan. In June 2016, the game was released for Android and iOS devices, and by July became the most popular mobile collectible card game in the whole of Japan. Later, in October, Windows and Mac versions were released too.

In 2017, Shawodverse started its overseas promotion. Nowadays, there are three major versions of Shadowverse game by region, such as Japanese, International (including English, French, Spanish, Italian, Korean, and Traditional Chinese), and Simplified Chinese (released in China in October 2017, by NetEase). Shadowverse digital card game employs an anime art style and some illustrations reused from the developer's previous title, "Rage of Bahamut," an earlier collectible digital card game released yet in 2012.

Shadowverse matches and cards

Shadowverse digital card game matches are intended to be played between two players taking turns and playing Shawowverse cards from their deck. Each player of Shadowverse is represented by a leader and 20 defense and a starting hand of the three cards. The player who goes first in-game owns two evolution points, and the player who goes second owns three evolution points, but can also evolve one turn earlier or draw an extra card at the first turn of the player. The Shadowverse game player's objective is to reduce other players' defense with 0 or attain a win through individual cards (for instance, a Victory Card or Enstatued Seraph by playing Spartacus). Besides, the player may win if the opponent draws from an empty deck.

Each player of the Shadowverse game utilizes the Play Point resource to play the cards. Both players start with a zero play point orbs and then gradually gain one play point orb right at the beginning of the player's turn, maximum up to a limit of 10. The Play Point orbs are then refilled at the start of each player's turn.

Here are Shadowverse game cards, which are divided into three general types, such as:

  1. Followers – It is a card with a defense and attack value.

Note: Only Shadoverse follower cards may be evolved. As soon as a follower's defense drops below 1, that follower becomes destroyed. Followers can attack leaders or even other followers, in which case the attacked follower will own its security reduced according to that follower's attack. However, when shooting another follower, the attacking follower will hold its defense reduced by the targeted follower's invasion. Be wary that in Shawoverse game, followers cannot attack the same turn they are played unless another follower has the Storm keyword or Rush.

  1. Spells – It is a card that resolves right after it is played.
  2. Amulets – It is a card type that once played stays in the area, offering effects until the card is removed. Followers do not attack amulets.

Overall, all these three types of Shawoverse cards come in four rarities: Silver, Bronze, Gold, and Legendary. A deck can only include three or even fewer copies of a card, regardless of rarity.

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