Sfmta operator portal

About San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) is a representation of a City and County of San Francisco department. SFMTA is mainly responsible for managing and controlling all ground transportation within the city. The company has oversight over the Municipal Railway (also called Muni) bicycling and public transit, paratransit, parking, traffic, walking and taxis. The company serves San Francisco by providing and organizing transportation options that are constant, practical and available everywhere. Besides, it manages today's transportation system and works with its partners to plan the better transportation system of tomorrow.

It is important to mention that the SFMTA is run by a Board of directors who are elected by the Mayor and verified by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. The Board administers policy oversight, which includes changes of fares, fines, and fees, as well as budgetary approval. The SFMTA was initially established by voter mandate in 1999, and soon the SFMTA aggregated various San Francisco city agencies, such as the Muni, Department of Parking and Traffic, and since 2007, it added the Taxi Commission.

Overview of SFMTA operation

The SFMTA handles bus, rail, and other public transportation right under its Transit division (called the San Francisco Municipal Railway, but commonly known as "Muni"). Besides, the SFMTA operates more than 700,000-weekday boardings (around 707,590 in the fiscal year 2017) on the public transit services and in total, it serves 90 routes. As of 2015, Muni offered transit services with its vehicle fleet of 1096 service vehicles, including its buses (both trolleybus and diesel), light rail vehicles, cable cars and historic streetcars.

Through SFMTA's streets division, it is mainly responsible for the design and planning of the streets of San Francisco. It also includes the responsibility on automobile parking, bus and transit lanes, bicycle infrastructure, sidewalks and many more. The agency holds around 434 bicycle lanes and approximately 4000 bicycle parking racks. Moreover, it has jurisdiction over more than 1088 miles of roads. Parking for automobiles is also run by the agency, with around 277,000 on-street parking spaces together with some parking garages throughout the city owned by the agency.

How to use SFMTA OPS-WEB

To use the SFMTA operator portal OPS-WEB, you should refer to the following sections to successful login into the portal. By using its operator portal you will be able to view the work and other personal information as well as to update work details over the internet from a PC, tablet, computer, or any mobile device – from anywhere. SFMTA OPS-WEB may also be used to find work assignments, timekeeping summaries, view the driver paddle, read orders, bulletins, and notices. Below you can learn more on how to log in to the SFMTA operator portal.

How to log in to SFMTA operator portal OPS-WEB

Here are instructions that you need to follow for logging onto your SFMTA operator portal. Go to www operator.sfmta.com. Here you will see the OPS-WEB homepage that includes the Message(s) section for the day as well as the login window.

If you are a first time user, then login into OPS-WEB:

Step 1 – Enter your badge – this is your Cap ID.

Step 2 – Enter PIN – You can use the temporary PIN which you received in the OPS-WEB letter. For example, if your Badge (Cap ID) is 1234, type in 1234 and then provide your PIN, e.g., 920131234.

Step 3 – Click on the Login button. You will be enabled to search for your PIN if you lose or forget it.

How to change your SFMTA operator portal PIN? Read the following step by step guide to reset or change your PIN.

Step 1 – As soon as you log in to your SFMTA operator portal, you will be enabled to change your PIN via using the Tools section and then proceed on the > Change PIN page.

Step 2 – Then, you should enter your old PIN, for instance, 920130123.

Step 3 – After that, choose a new PIN. Remember that PIN must include a minimum of four digits.

Step 4 – Finally, you will receive a notification about the change of your PIN.

SFMTA Employee self-service operator portal

On SFMTA there are five menus bars available, including Messages, Employee Information, Daily Assignments, Operational section and Tools. Note that you can also view your work tasks for the current day through the Personal Messages page once you log into SFMTA OPS-WEB.

On the Messages pages, you may view general messages, personal messages for all operators, as well as detour notifications. From the Messages section you can view:

– Operators Orders

– Bulletins under “General Messages”

– General and Construction Notices under the "Detour Notifications" section.

To view messages, you should select the type of messages that you wish to view from the Messages menu.

On Employee Info you can view Absence Details right from the Employee Info menu, select Absence Details.

– Tap on the calendar button located beside the From Date field, and select the 1st date for viewing absences.

– Select the calendar button next to the To Date field, and select the last date for viewing absences.

– Then click Search.

On SFMTA Daily Assignments pages, you may view your work tasks in a list or even on a calendar. Hence, you can check and enter information when you are acted as a volunteer. To view your work assignments in a list, proceed to the Daily Assignments menu bar and select Assignment List. Then, tap on the calendar button, choose the 1st date for viewing work tasks. Next, click the calendar button located right next to the To Date field, and then choose the last date for viewing work assignments. Finally, you should click on the Search button.

In SFMTA Operational section, you should choose Extraboard or Volunteer postings right from the Operational menu to check postings for a given date. To do so, follow these steps:

• Tap on the calendar button next to the Date field

• Choose the preferred date for viewing a posting.

• Specify the Volunteer type or Extraboard from the given list.

• Tap on the Search button.