Selima payroll login

About Selima Limited company

Generally speaking, Selima Limited company develops workforce management software. The Selima company provides software that offers payroll, training, human resource management, recruitment, and attendance services. The company is based in the United Kingdom, from where it serves all its customers. In June 2017, Selima was acquired by The Access Group and since then, the company has been busy integrating teams, the product, and clients right into The Access Group family. Besides, the company has migrated the official www Selima co UK website onto the access group com website.

Hence, as part of the Access Group, the Selima company's clients are now in the unique position to receive various benefits of the full selection of solutions accessible, with the access and ability to manage all important operations via a single sign-on platform, known as Selima Access Workspace. For instance, the company's hospitality solutions span over the key operational touchpoints, enable its operators to monitor and manage finance, properties, ticketing, reservations, EPoS, purchase to pay, stock, and of course the biggest asset of the company, their people. If the user of the Selima platform has any further queries regarding his/her existing Selima payroll account, it is recommended that the user/client contacts directly his/her Account Manager or the support team, which is available through Selima co UK official website.

How to login to Selima payroll

In this section, you will find out important information about how to log in right into your Selima payroll account. Besides, you will learn more about password recovery procedures if you lost or forgot your account credentials or other details. In order to login to your Selima payroll login account, you will have to follow the instructions listed below:

Step 1 – First of all, you should start by going to the link that your company uses. Generally, this URL is always as follows www access people access cloud com linked as My Company Name, where the term "My Company Name" is replaced by the name of the user's company. In that case, the company name will be Selima. Besides, you must be informed what the URL is but in case you are unsure or you do not have sufficient information regarding this issue, the company advisors recommend each user to ask their manager.

Step 2 – Next, you should enter your Selima payroll account credentials that have been provided to you. Note that your account's "Username" is generally consisted of your first and last name together with a full stop in between; For example, john smith. Concerning your account's password, you must be wary that it will have been emailed to you.

Step 3 – After that, you have an option to let the web page remember your account details, such as your username and password, in order to let you log in automatically next time to try to log in. Note that this button is optional, and you can tick the "Remember me" button, which to enable the site to save your account information, or if you wish not to share your account details, leave the box empty without ticking it.

Step 4 – Once you complete the above-mentioned sections and fill in relevant details, now you can click on the "Sign in" button, by which you will be redirected to your personal Selima payroll login profile.

What happens if you lost your password or forgot it? Suppose that you cannot remember your password; In that case, you must immediately click on the "Forgot Password" tab. The Selima login page will automatically redirect you into a new web page, where you will be enabled to reset/recover your account password. After entering your valid and current email address, you will immediately be emailed with some instructions on how to reset your password. You should follow these instructions to complete the password recovery process.