Sad emoji

Sad emoji definition

A sad face emoji or so-called sad emoji is one of the most used and trendy icons across different platforms and devices. It is not difficult to guess the meaning behind the sad emoji. One glance is enough to say that the sad face of that emoji along with its frowning mouth and sad, disappointed eyes convey a sense and message of regret, sadness, disappointment, remorse, or any similarly negative and touching emotion.

In most of the devices, the sad emoji appears with a yellow face with a closed and frowned, downcast eyes, as if the smiley is aching with pain or sorrow. The sad face emoji can serve as a variety of unhappy emotions, such as grief and stress.

It is noteworthy to say that people often confuse between the similarly designed emojis that look and have quite a similar appearance as the sad emoji does. Be wary and note that the ? pensive face emoji is different from the sad emoji. Both smileys are indeed sad, but the pensive emoji has more hurt expression. Another example is Samsung's new design that previously featured closer to ? the confused face emoji, which looks disappointed like the sad emoji. 

The Disappointed Face Emoji appeared in 2010, and now is mainly known as the Sad Emoji, but also may be referred to as the Sad Face Emoji. Sometimes it is mentioned as the Frowny Face.

How to use sad emoji

Since the sad emoji, quite a remorseful face and is somewhat saddened by life, acquires a daily-use role among its users. Why is emoji so popular? The answer is easy because everyone has good and bad days, with positive and negative moments, so anytime you feel moody, sad, or even regret something, you can use the sad emoji to convey your feelings without words.

The sad emoji can be used to make riddles or message with your friends and family without words. Often, when one is painful and thinks that everything goes wrong in his/her life, but cannot talk about it, he/she can use the sad emoji, by which the main idea will be conveyed - that person is having a bad day or needs support.

Sad emoji code points

To insert the sad emoji anywhere, like in web pages, posts, documents, or messages, you can directly copy the symbol from here - ? and paste it to appear. However, if you do not have the logo to copy or paste it, but the icon looks like an empty squared box or a question mark, which means the device you are using cannot recognize and identify the emoji. 

To avoid such occurrences, you need to know other details about the sad emoji. The details include all the necessary code point characters that are also helpful for many developers. You do not need to search in the browser, since below you can take a look through the various code points that will help you get your sad emoji in just a few seconds.

You may use any of this code points to insert the sad emoji:

  • Unicode codepoints - U+1F61E.
  • Windows Alt code - Alt + 1F61E.
  • HTML Entity code in decimal - 😞
  • HTML Entity code in hex - 😞
  • UTF 16 hex code - 0xD83D 0xDE1E.

Copy and paste sad emoji

You can get the sad emoji on your computer or any device, such as a mobile phone, even without installing a special emoji keyboards in your platform. To do so, you will need to select the preferred emoji (in that case, the sad emoji), then copy and paste it. Once you do so, the system will immediately show your submitted symbol - ?.

Here are instructions if you need to copy and paste the icon correctly:

  1. First of all, select the emoji as a regular text.
  2. Next, copy the emoji to the clipboard.
  3. After that, switch to another application or website to paste emoji. Use the context menu or your keyboard.

*Hint: You can use Ctrl/Cmd + C keys to copy the symbol, and Ctrl/Cmd + V to paste the sad emoji.