Royal mail uniform dimensions order

What is Royalmail

Royal Mail Group plc is a British multinational courier company and postal service initially founded in 1516 as an English government department. The Royal Mail Group Ltd. manages Parcelforce Worldwide (i.e., parcels) and Royal Mail (i.e., letters). In the early 2020s, the group used the name – “Consignia” right before reverting to its original name.

About Royal Mail Uniform

The Royal Mail postal service offers a uniform to all of its employees, including footwear appropriate for the delivery job within the year, both indoors and outdoors. Employees must always meet Royal Mail dress standards that have been relatively agreed upon by CWU. Royal Mail Uniform is a crucial part of supporting Health and Safety standards since the uniform portrays the Royal Mail's image to its customers.

All employees of the Royal Mail courier company must be aware of the requirements, according to which they are responsible for maintaining and cleaning their working uniforms. Royal Mail uniforms have an estimated life expectancy, approximately two years. However, if a uniform gets damaged or even beyond simple repair, employees can order a replacement uniform. When one orders a uniform online must indicate a valid email address and provide a reason in the “additional comments” section if the order is over-allocation.

Here are some examples of Royal Mail Uniform standards:

• Regularly wear uniform on duty, especially if working in a customer-facing role.

• Employees' uniforms must always be tidy and clean, in good condition.

• Apart from traveling to/from work, Royal Mail employees should not wear uniforms off duty.

• Royal Mail employees must return all items of uniform when replacements are issued.

• Royal Mail employees must ensure jewelry is not a potential safety hazard. Hence, they do not have to wear dangling items that may be trapped in equipment or machinery.

How does the Royalmail function?

Royalmail offers delivery services and mail collection within the entire UK. Parcels and letters are deposited in the post or are collected in bulk or parcel boxes from businesses and then are transported to Royal Mail sorting offices. Royalmail owns and operates the UK’s distinctive red pillar boxes, which were initially introduced in 1852. Royalmail postal and courier deliveries are made at least once per day except for Sundays and official bank holidays at uniform charges for all UK destinations. Royalmail generally aims to manage and maintain first-class deliveries in the next business day within the nation.

For most of this company’s history, the Royalmail was a public service and operated as a public corporation or government department. Under the Postal Services Act 2011, most of the Royalmail courier company’s shares were floated right on the London Stock Exchange in 2013. The UK government retained a 30 percent stake in Royalmail but later sold its remaining shares back in 2015, and it ended 499 years of state ownership. Royalmail is a constituent of the so-called – “FTSE 250” Index.

What are the Royalmail dimensions?

Generally speaking, Royalmail has various standard sizes and dimensions to make shipping both domestically and internationally easy for all its customers. Royalmail letters are usually used to send simple postcards and letters, nothing more.

Royalmail courier company's standard package dimensions make it relatively easy for each customer to send multiple products. For example, if a customer is in the world of e-commerce, he/she may use Royalmail postal service to deliver his/her sales to those all living around the UK, possibly even the whole world. But by using the postal service known as "Custom Royal Mail Large Letter" or Royalmail "Small Parcel packaging," the customers may save money and add a touch of class to their brand.

Below you will find general information regarding the Royalmail dimensions and maximum/minimum limitations per package, letter, or box.

  • Letter – Max weight 100 g, Max length 24 cm, Max width 16.5 cm, Max thickness and depth 5 mm;
  • Large Letter – Max weight 750 g, Max length 35.3 cm, Max width 25 cm, Max thickness and depth 2.5 cm;
  • Small Parcel – Max weight 2 kg, Max length 45 cm, Max width 35 cm, Max thickness and depth 16 cm;
  • Medium Parcel – Max weight 20 kg, Max length 61 cm, Max width 46 cm, Max thickness and depth 46 cm;
  • Large parcel – Max weight 30 kg, Max length 1.5 m, Max width 3 m, Max thickness and depth combined;
  • Tubes – The standard length of the tubes plus twice the diameter should be no more than or less than 104 cm, with the most significant dimension less than 90 cm.

Royalmail large letter dimensions

Royalmail large letter dimensions include the following sizes, such as – 35.3 cm x 25 cm x 2.5 cm – that is quite generous dimensions. Royalmail large letter packages allow customers to send multiple documents, books, small electronics, games, and even smaller clothing articles. Generally, Royalmail large letter packages do have a weight limit maximum of 750 g.

Royalmail small parcel dimensions

Royalmail small parcel dimensions include the following sizes: 45 cm x 35 cm x 16 cm. That generous size means that users can send most clothing, multiple books, shoes, and larger electronics. Also, be wary and note that Royalmail small parcel packages are limited to no more than 2 kg in weight.

Royalmail size and weight comparison guide

If you want to figure out the difference between the small and large letters, you will find important information regarding differentiating these two items below.

  • Letter – Letters include items, such as standard greetings cards, bills, personal letters, and postcards;
  • Large letter – Large letters generally include A4 documents, CD or DVD, certificates, magazines, and some large greeting and postcards;
  • Small parcel – It usually consists of shoes, mobile phones, portable speakers, and other devices that fit small parcel package dimensions.
  • Medium parcel – Medium size parcels typically include shoes, gifts, heavy or even bulky items.

These Royalmail package sizes and weight guidelines listed below may help Royalmail customers if they are estimating the weight of their item but also wish to know the accurate height, weight, and dimensions overall. It is generally recommended to all Royalmail customers to bring the items directly to its Post Office. However, if a customer cannot reach the Post Office, then he/she can buy Royalmail weighing scales.

Here is information regarding item sizes:

  • A letter or a greeting card – 30 g;
  • Standard DL envelope (110 mm x 220 mm) with four sheets of A4 – 44 g;
  • CD out in bubble envelope – 130 g;
  • A pair of jeans – 500 g;
  • A glossy magazine put in bubble envelope – 585 g;
  • A4 envelop with a maximum of 20 sheets of A4 – 160 g;
  • A mobile phone packed in bubble envelope – 180 g;
  • DVD put in bubble envelope – 190 g;
  • A 400-page paperback book packed in bubble envelope – 310 g;
  • A pair of trainers – must be no more than 1 kg.