Robot emoji

Robot emoji definition

The robot faces emoji or shortly called robot emoji. It is the icon of a creepy and weird looking robotic head of square shape with bulbs, antennas, and other characteristic characteristics. Robots are commonly seen in science fiction ? movies and cartoons. The robot face emoji can appear in every field and situation related to science, robots, technologies, artificial intelligence, and so on.

For instance, the emoji can appear in messages about someone's education in the field of science, robotics, or computer systems. Less often, the robot emoji can also be used as a symbol of some emotionless or soulless artificial creature.

The robot face emoji was approved in 2015 as part of Unicode 8.0. The emoji was verified under the name of "Robot Face," and in the same year, it was added to Emoji 1.0.

How to insert robot emoji

If you wish to insert the robot emoji in your message input box, blog post, or web, you can directly copy from here — ? and paste it wherever you want it to appear. However, there are other methods as well, by which you can quickly get your emoji and put it into messenger or the web. To do so, you will need to know more about the code point characters used to insert the robot emoji. Be wary and note that codes are individual and standardized for each emoji, so you cannot use the same principle to get other emojis.

In this part, you can check all the most essential code point characters that can appear helpful for developers. See the examples below:

  • Unicode for the robot emoji — U+1F916.
  • Shortcode character for the robot emoji — :robot: (for Github, Emojipedia); or :robot_face: (for Slack).
  • For Windows Alt code use — ALT 129302.
  • For Windows Alt X code, use — 1F916 ALT X.
  • URL Escape code for the robot emoji — %F0%9F%A4%96.
  • Bytes (UTF-8) code for the robot emoji — \xF0\x9F\xA4\x96.
  • For Hexadecimal code use — 1F916.
  • For Decimal code use — 129302.
  • HTML Entity in hex - 🤖
  • HTML Entity in decimal — 🤖
  • For Perl code, use the following character for the robot emoji — \x{1F916}.
  • CSS code point for the robot emoji — \01F916.
  • Punycode for the robot emoji — xn--yp9h.
  • PHP, Ruby code for the robot emoji — \u{1F916}
  • For JSON, Java, JavaScript code for the robot emoji use — \u1F916.
  • C, C++, Python code for the robot emoji — \u1F916.

How to use robot emoji

The robot emoji can be used for electronics, robotics, computer programming, science fiction, and futurism. The robot emoji also serves a wide range of idiosyncratic applications, such as conveying a sense and idea of weirdness or fun as well as surprise, alarm, and excitement, given its teeth-gritting and wide-eyed expression.

In this part, you will find some interesting phrases and combinations of different emojis brought together to convey an idea, message, or information. You can anytime use these combinations or even create your design. These varieties make messaging easier by using emojis instead of words or having fun and making riddles. Check the examples below:

  • "He can fix any problem with your computer. ?"
  • "I'll destroy everything. ?"
  • "I enjoy studying computer systems and science. ?"
  • “Can you guess the movie? ? ? ? ? - It is terminator!”
  • “Robocop ?‍♂️ ? “
  • "Transformers are coming. ? ?"
  • "Angry robot. ? ?"
  • "Door to the feature ? ? ?‍♂️."

Robot emoji appearance across different platforms

The robot emoji features the head of a classic robot. The emoji is commonly depicted as a vintage, tin toy robot with circular eyes, knobs for ears, a triangular nose, a light, and antennae atop its head. Besides, some robot emojis are designed to have a grill-like mouth quite similar to a grimace. The robot emoji's colors and face tones vary across different platforms and devices, but its head is metallic on most programs.