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What is RITEQ

RITEQ is now called a Ceridian company. Ceridian is global human capital management (also known shortly as HCM) software-based company which offers payroll, workforce management, human resources, and talent management capabilities in a single solution. Ceridian provides a platform called Dayforce, which is the company's flagship cloud human capital management - HCM platform that helps customers to manage the entire employee lifecycle, starting from recruiting and ending with developing careers and onboarding to paying people. Ceridian provides various solutions for organizations of all aims and sizes, including both small businesses and global organizations.

Ceridian's brand uses the slogan "Makes Work Life Better" which embodies who the company is, what it believes, and what it stands for. The company delivers on that promise by focusing on improving the work lives of all of its customers, their employees, as well as the company's teams at Ceridian per day together with everything it does.

About Dayforce

Dayforce is a global Human Capital Management (HCM) software platform that mainly transforms the employee experience. The platform unifies data from across the whole employee lifecycle to allow better decision-making at per level. Dayforce HCM is a comprehensive cloud platform consisting of payroll, workforce management, HR, benefits, and talent management in a single app. The RITEQ's, i.e., Ceridian's scalable HCM software is designed with a single and flexible rules engine which are equipped with calculations and real-time updates that support address complex regulatory requirements.

Customers can easily access Dayforce's HCM software platform via using the device of their choice on the web version or their mobile phones. Dayforce is simple to learn and easy to manage. The app enables Ceridian employees to control their data with any time and anywhere access. It also helps organizations to ensure their employee details and information is secure, accurate and always up to date.

How does RITEQ work

RITEQ Ltd – It is a Hospitality Workforce Management, Scheduling and Time & Attendance Software system, which is a wholly web-based system solution designed on Microsoft technology and run in the cloud platform. Each module of RITEQ may be used in isolation or even combined to offer a fully integrated solution plan. The company incorporates planning and labour forecasting, optimized scheduling, shift bidding, time and attendance, holidays, absence management, employee self-service (such as a mobile app) as well as business analytics.

In addition, RITEQ provides experts in hospitality workforce management, and hence it is the major solution provider. The company is passionate about supporting the hospitality industry reduce labour costs, increasing sales, and help to improve customer service levels. RITEQ assists in achieving all its customer's business goals by giving comprehensive consultation and appropriate guidance from the initial sales contact, within the period of implementation, through to help and account service management.

RITEQ Workforce Manager for Hospitality – It is the RITEQ WFM system that provides highly customizable solution plans that are delivering important information and useful functionality to each level of the organization. Meaning that employees can easily get access to schedules, while line managers are enabled to approve leaves, executive management is allowed to access high-level forecasting and historical data. Moreover, 'what if' functionality is enabled to align the workforce align with corporate aims.

Here you can view Hospitality Workforce Manager Benefits at one glance:

  • It improves customer service and experience by optimizing staff deployment;
  • It reduces employee turnover along with accessibility through ESS system;
  • It designs and then shares an employee schedule via the online portal;
  • It tracks who has visited, viewed or accepted shifts, it can also notify staff about all-new available shifts.
  • It can easily manage holiday schedules as well as absence approvals;
  • It can reduce gross payroll through reducing admin costs and errors;
  • It significantly saves time by enabling automating administration processes;

Besides, RITEQ has featured RITEQ Workforce Manager which is a fully equipped Workforce management Software created to serve Agencies ad Startups. RITEQ Workforce Manager offers end-to-end solutions for Web App use. This online Workforce management platform provides Scheduling, Employee Lifecycle Management, Contractor Management, Labor Projection, Skills Tracking, all in one place.

RITEQ employee support

To protect each customer's confidentiality, the so-called employee-level data (such as payroll data, login credentials, W-2s, and timecards) are not allowed to be accessed by Ceridian. If a customer is a current or former employee of a RITEQ Ceridian or even the Dayforce customer, then he or she can immediately contact his or her employer's HR/Payroll department for further help and assistance with logging in procedure.

Another alternative is to contact the help centre with questions about their payroll, time cards, earning statements, employee self-service and W-2s. If the employer uses the Dayforce app for time, HR, benefits, pay, talent or even for workforce management, then he or she must email [email protected] for further assistance.

How to sign in to Ceridian (RITEQ log in)

If you are a member of RITEQ, i.e., Ceridian Human Capital Management (HCM) web-based system, then you can easily log in to your account via following the step by step guide shown below. Here are steps to follow:

Step 1 – To begin with, you need to type in the following official domain address of Ceridian in your web browser’s search engine box. Here is the link: www app101prodazureadb2c01.b2clogin.com/

Step 2 – Once you open the site, you will be redirected to the login page of the Ceridian system. Here you will be asked to provide the email address and password you created while registering on the platform.

Step 3 – Below the email address field, there is an optional field to tick. If you want the site to remember your login details and allow you to directly enter your account on your next login, you can tick the appropriate box. If you do not wish the site to remember your information, then leave the box empty.

Step 4 – Once you have provided the required details, click on the Sign In button and follow on-screen instructions to proceed.

Here is what you need to do if you forget your RITEQ login password. On the homepage of RITEQ Login, find the link that is labelled as "Forgot your password?" once you tap on this link, you will be taken to the new password reset page. You must enter your valid email address to receive the verification code. Once you enter, click on Submit and follow ons-screen instructions.