Procore login

How to log in to Procore

Users need to know the required login details to quickly log in to the Procore web application and open their Procore user account. Generally, Procore login credentials include the user's email address and password. The Procore user account is always created for users by a company or a company that users are doing business with and has an active Procore company account. Once the user logs into Procore, he/she will be able to gain access only to the Procore projects and companies to which the user has been granted entree permissions.

Review the following to log in to the Procore website quickly:

  1. If a user received a "Welcome to Procore" email, he/she could log in to the Procore website for the first time by typing the Procore email address. Besides, the user will also be prompted to create his/her password.
  2. Suppose a user's Company Administrator or the administrator for a company the user is doing business with has offered with Procore email address and password. In that case, the user must open a web browser and navigate right to the Procore web application at the app Procore com. Next, at the Procore login page, the user should enter the required login information.

How to log in to personal account access Procore account? Follow these steps:

  • Visit the Procore website at app procore com.
  • Enter the Procore email address and your password.
  • Click the “Log In” button.


  1. If a user does not know his/her Procore email address and password, he/she should contact the company's Procore Administrator.
  2. If a user has been invited to join more than one company's Procore account, he/she will then be prompted to choose a company and click the "Continue" button.

How to reset Procore login password

In this section, you will become better aware of the password resetting issues on the Procore website. The Procore login password was the user set when he/she created a personal password from the Welcome to Procore email. It will be the user set the last time he/she reset a personal password since initially being invited to the Procore application. If the user's password on the Procore login page still is not recognized, then check some below-listed standard solutions to resolve most forgotten password issues:

Make sure that the password you enter consists of all Procore password requirements. So that Procore password must:

  • Include at least eight characters;
  • Include at least one upper case letter;
  • Include at least one lower case letter;
  • Contain at least one numeric character;
  • Include at least one of the these special characters such as \ | ! * ( ) % ^ & @ # $ ~ ' " - _ = + `, / ? ; : [ { ] } < . >

Always check the caps lock, and if they are on, turn it off. For security, the Procore login passwords are case-sensitive, so if the user's password is correct, but some of the password characters are in the wrong case, the Procore system will not approve the user login.

Triple check the Procore login password and make sure you enter the correct password. Also, check if your company uses a Single Sign-On (SSO) solution to sign on the Procore system. However, if you do not exactly know if the company you work with uses an SSO solution or not, it is better to contact the company's Procore Administrator.

How to reset Procore login email address

Suppose a Procore website user cannot remember the email address that he/she last used to log into the Procore login page. In that case, the support team of the Procore system recommends the user to contact the Procore Administrator for the company's account. The Procore Administrator of the user's company can quickly look up the user's personal account information in the Company Directory tool and offer the correct email address.

However, if that is not an option or solution, the user who forgot the PRocore login email address can send an email request to the Procore Support Team. That email must consist of the following details, such as:

  • Full name.
  • The name of the company that owns the Procore account the user is trying to log
  • in to the website.
  • The Procore project(s) name that the user account had entry permission to work on the platform.