Priory group academy e learning

What does the priory group provide?

Generally speaking, Priory is recognized as one of the leading independent providers of behavioral care in the United Kingdom. The priory group company organizes its business into four major divisions, which altogether support and cover the needs of more than 30,000 people per year. The company divisions include the following:

  • Healthcare services;
  • Education and Children's services;
  • Adult Care services;
  • Priory Middle East services.

The objective and purpose of the priory group are to make a lasting and real difference for everyone they help and support. The company tends to be dedicated to helping and supporting people in order to improve their wellbeing and health. The company ensures that in order for people to achieve a high-quality educational outcome or even a clinical outcome, all they need is to receive individually tailored academy programs suited for their requirements and specific needs.

It is noteworthy to mention that the priory group is a long-established UK company, with quite an old and prestigious history. Over the last previous years, the company has developed a reputation for providing a significant difference for per individual who uses the company's services. Currently, the priory group handles over 70 different conditions via a nationwide network of more than 450 facilities that cover individuals' care, health, education, and individual/specialized needs.

About Priory group academy e-learning

The priory group, which offers secure and acute neuro-rehabilitation, mental healthcare, together with academy e-learning and specialist educational services, plans to invest in e-learning mainly for non-medical induction training for the company's staff. The private healthcare group has also recently launched a new corporate intranet for its over 5,000 staff within the United Kingdom. That allows the staff to undertake important e-learning training, which they urgently need for their profession, tasks, and day-to-day jobs. According to Paul Greensmith, who is the priory group's chief operating officer, the company's new intranet is approved to be an internal resource that will soon become an enjoyable and valuable part of the working lives. The new intranet is said to be the key to staff communication, collaboration, and development right at the priory group.

The priory group academy e-learning programs together with an intranet were developed initially by British-based training and communication specialists and have been widely implemented at per of the Priory group's 47 UK sites. The priory group academy e-learning system enables its members to share information and news as well as to continue with their improvement and development program. According to a spokesperson for Information Transfer mentioned with E-Health Insider that the engaging employee communication and training materials take the form of a set of various e-learning courses, audio "podcast" training, an employee intranet, or paper-based materials.

The priory group academy e-learning program includes around 25 bespoke e-learning modules that help meet the learning objectives that cover the company's core services. The academy e-learning also provides offline learning activities, in addition to various incorporating classroom training and development activities. It is quite easy and convenient to start using the priory group academy e-learning program or to begin or book relevant e-training modules directly by personalizing the website's home page, so the staff is alerted when they need to do training. The priory group had already trained up to 80 people, and the feedback was positive.

Even now, the company's staff is being trained on how to important topics such as how to contribute content right onto the site. Besides, the academy e-learning modules of the priory group will reinforce the importance of data protection and confidentiality to staff. The priory group academy e-learning package has also received the attention of the judging panel right for the eLearning Age award for excellence received in the e-learning industry. Its shortlisted projects are generally judged independently by the members of the eLearning Network.