Pmp recruitment payslips online login

What is PMP recruitment?

PMP Recruitment is a part of Cordant, which is a specialist in multi-sector facilities and recruitment management services. The PMP is considered a pioneer in the recruitment and management industry and services space. The PMP recruitment company operates throughout the United Kingdom. In the following sections, you will find out information on PMP recruitment payslips online login procedures.

How to log in to PMP recruitment payslips online

In order to log in to PMP recruitment payslips'official website, you will first need to go to their website, right at www dot ptronline co UK, where you will see a Login/Register section. Follow the below-listed steps to log into your PMP recruitment payslipsaccount.

Step 1 – Once you visit the PMP recruitment payslips registration website, you will see a Login/Register tab.

Step 2 – Enter your user ID. If you are a mobile worker, then your user ID will contain your payroll number and the company prefix. However, if you are a client, then your user ID together with your password will be printed on your very last invoice, and they will be supplied directly by the administrator.

Step 3 – Next, you should write your PMP recruitment payslips entrance password, which you created while registering for the PMP recruitment payslips account.

Step 4 –Then, you choose a company in which you are going to log in. This company will be set already, and you have to make sure it is marked.

Step 5 – Next graph to fill in is the token. Note that if you are a client or mobile worker, then you will not be required to provide a token. Generally, a token generates a number to be used with the users' password they try to log in per time. Hence, the token is used as an extra security measure.

Step 6 – Once you enter both credentials, click on the "sign-in" button, and the site will automatically redirect you to your PMP recruitment payslips online profile.

How to register for PMP recruitment payslips online

If you do not have PMP recruitment payslips online profile, then you first need to register on the site. For registration in PMP recruitment payslips under the graph of sign-in on the same web page right at www ptronline co UK. You need to click on the "First Visit Registration" tab. After that, a new window will appear on your screen for PMP recruitment payslips online registration.

Follow the below-listed step by step guide:

Step 1 – First, you choose a company in which you are signing. In that case "PMP recruitment"; The company will be chosen already, you have to make sure that it is marked;

  • Step 2 – You must indicate your Date of birth (dd/mm/yyyy); Here is a brief meaning:
  • Dd – Day of your birth,
  • Mm – Your birth month;
  • yyyy – A year, when you were born.
  • For instance: 11.06.1979.

Step 3 – Now, you must enter your National Insurance Number; For instance, AB123456Z.

Step 4 – Next, you will need to enter your Postcode; For example, CA17 4NW.

Step 5 – Next graph is about passwords. You must enter a new password – first, you need to create a password that will be intended for future login in PMP recruitment payslips online;

Step 6 – Now confirm password – you must repeat the password which you selected for login in PMP recruitment payslips in the upper graph; Then, under these graphs, there will be a "Sign In" button, click it, and the site automatically will register.

How to reset PMP recruitment payslips password

Suppose you want the site to save your login information so that, next time you log in, it automatically recognizes your username and logs you right into your profile. In that case, you must tick the "Remember username" section.

If you forgot your account password, you need to click on the "Forgotten password" tab, located under the main login section. Once you click on this button, the site will automatically take you to a new web page, where you will be requested to fill in the graphs. Follow these steps to complete the password recovery procedure.

Step 1 – Enter the valid user ID you registered with. Once you do so, click on the next graph;

Step 2 – Choose a company in which you are signing. In this case, PMP Recruitment, Make sure you have ticked the tab and it is marked;

Step 3 – You must enter your Date of birth (dd/mm/yyyy)Step 4 – Enter National Insurance Number

Step 5 – Enter Postcode

Step 6 – Enter a new password, which means create a new password for future sign-ins in your old account. To re-login into the PMP recruitment payslips, enter a new password that you last created.

Step 7 – After step 6, you will have to type your newly-created password in this graph, which is for confirming and specifying your created and chosen password.

Step 8 – After these steps, click on the "Reset password" button. It is located under the graph you filled for re-login, and you will be registered again.