Pleading emoji

Pleading emoji definition

A pleading emoji is featured with a yellow face, furrowed eyebrows, a small frown, and large, so-called "puppy dog" eyes, making the emoji look more adorable. The pleading emoji expresses plead and beg. It can also signify feeling touched or adoration by a loving gesture.

The pleading emojis are often used when asking someone for something like a favor. The begging expression of the pleading emoji is sure to melt anyone's heart in a few seconds. Besides, it may express begging, pity, loveliness, and grievance. The pleading emoji is also widely known as the begging emoji, simp emoji, glossy eyes emoji, pleading face emoji, and face with pleading eyes.

Code points for pleading emoji

There are various code points by which you can easily insert your emoji anywhere. The pleading face emoji was approved under the name "Face with Pleading Eyes." It was added as part of Unicode 11.0 in 2018 and later, in the same year, was added to Emoji 11.0.

Use the following code characters to type the pleading emoji, either on the web or messenger. See below-listed keys:

  • Shortcode for the pleading emoji - :pleading_face: (used for Github, Emojipedia, and Slack).
  • Unicode - U+1F97A.
  • URL escape code for the pleading emoji - %F0%9F%A5%BA.

Here are other codes that may appear helpful for developers to insert the pleading emoji easily:

  • HTML code point for the pleading emoji in decimal - 🥺
  • HTML code point for the pleading emoji in hex - 🥺
  • CSS code point for the pleading emoji - \01F97A;
  • C, C++ & Python code point for the pleading emoji - \U0001f97a;
  • Java, JavaScript & JSON code point for the pleading emoji - \uD83E\uDD7A;
  • Perl code point for the pleading emoji - \x{1F97A};
  • PHP & Ruby code point for the pleading emoji - \u{1F97A};
  • Punycode point for the pleading emoji - xn--ts9h;
  • Bytes (UTF-8) - F0 9F A5 BA.

How to insert pleading emoji

You can use the above-listed codes to insert the pleading emoji, or copy and paste from here: ?. Since the pleading emoji is a new icon, some devices cannot recognize it, and it may appear as a black or empty box or a question mark.

Another easy method to type the pleading emoji is to use the Unicode with code value up to U+0ffff within its Alt code in MS Windows. Follow the below-listed instructions:

  1. First, hit and hold the Alt key on your computer’s keyboard.
  2. Then, press the button of Plus (+) on your computer’s numeric keypad.
  3. After that, type the hex or decimal Unicode point value digit-by-digit.
  4. Finally, release the Alt key, and once you do so, you will immediately see your pleading emoji.

How to use pleading emoji

The pleading emoji can be used in various situations since it has a face with wide and shimmering ? eyes. For instance, when you need a favor from someone or need to borrow something but are unsure if that person will want to help you, you may use this adorable looking emoji. With the pleading emoji, you may also use ? folded hands emoji to create a less pathetic form of begging.

Here are some trendy phrases with the ? pleading emoji:

  • "I need your help." ?
  • "I promise ? I will give back money soon. Can I borrow it?"
  • “Mom, can I please go out?” ?
  • “Why did you leave me?!” ☹️️ ? ?
  • "Pretty pls."

In this part, you can check some combinations of the pleading emoji and other similar type emojis too. You may use these combinations to make riddles or when you want to message without words:

  • ? ? ? - meaning: wanting a dog.
  • ? ? - definition: broken heart with pleading face.

Pleading emoji across different platforms

Here on this image, you can look at the different pleading emoji icons that seem slightly unusual over various platforms.

Generally speaking, all types of emojis are known to be slightly different across devices. So, each web service, device, platform, and brands, like OS, or other gadgets, create their emojis, according to their preferences, style, vision, and corporate style.