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What is Performance Success Factors SAP

Performance Success Factors is a worldwide multinational leading company of cloud-based business execution software, based in America and headquartered in South San Francisco, California. The main focus of SAP, i.e., Success Factors is the alignment of each employee development (talent and performance management) along with company goals. Success Factors is a vendor which mainly provides cloud-based software for human capital management through using Saas, i.e., the Software as a service model.

In 2001, the Performance Success Factors (SAP) was officially founded by Lars Dalgaard. Later, in November 2007, the SAP company became publicly known on the NASDAQ Global Market right under the stock symbol "SFSF". Then in July 2008, Performance Success Factors successfully finished the move to the NYSE Euronext, NYSE, and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (Deutsche Boerse). Currently, the company provides its services translated into a total of 41 languages worldwide.

On December 3, 2011, SAP AG together with Success Factors broadcasted that SAP's subsidiary, known as SAP America, Inc., had joined under a merger agreement with Success Factors to gain all outstanding shares of its shared stock. Besides, it was also announced by the companies that the firm would remain independent and hence, would be managed under the name of "SuccessFactors, an SAP company". The acquisition of the name was finalised on February 16, 2012. As a result of this merge, SAP and Success Factors have evolved a great deal over the past several years. Now both of them have a shared new name and logo. Moreover, now the company runs as SAP Success Factors, which is its official name, instead of calling the previous "SuccessFactors, an SAP Company".

How to find the Performance Success Factors Company ID

If you want to find the Performance Success Factors SAP company ID, you can read through this section to find out three ways of doing so. Below you will find three different ways for SAP user to help him or her to find the Company ID of their instance.

  • Method 1 – When you are logged in do the following:

Step 1 – Click on the “Show Version Information” option (see image below)

Step 2 – Now click on the profile dropdown tab.

Step 3 – Finally, you will be enabled to search for the Company ID in the given appropriate field (see image above).

  • Method 2 – From the URL you can find the company ID by doing the following:

Step 1 – You should look for the term "company=" in the URL field. Note that the value that is displayed on the right side of your screen is the SAP Performance Success Factors Company ID of the instance.

  • Method 3 – From the SPA Login screen do the following:

Here, if you are the user who logs into SAP via the Legacy Sign-in page, then you will be enabled to find the Company ID right on the login page.

Forgot SAP Company ID

The Company ID is a short combination of characters that verify each SAP Success Factors system – just like a username for the organization. All members of the same system can share the same Company ID so that one user might be able to ask a colleague for a company ID. You may also check with your organization's IR or HR portal for a link to SAP Success Factors. Note that the link can have the Company ID already included within the URL; In that case, you do not need to provide and type in it.

As mentioned earlier, SAP Success Factors is a cloud-based, HR - Human Resources software provider. Per SAP Success Factors client has at least one or more designated administrators who help and provide support to each user of their platform. The administrators in the user's organization are enabled to handle your, as an SAP user's support requests, they can also consult the SAP Support Portal for further information, or answer technical questions. Be aware of the fact that the first step to receiving assistance from SAP with any SAP Success Factors system is to immediately contact an administrator through your organization. In case of forgetting company ID, you should also contact your administrator.

How to register for SAP Performance Success Factors

If you are a new user and want to join the SAP Performance Success Factors system, then first you must create an account for further access and use of the company's services. Follow these easy to do steps to successfully create a private account.

Step 1 – Access the page to register for Cloud Value Map: SAP Success Factors.

Step 2 – From the Value Map on the Registration page, you must choose the 'SAP SuccessFactors – Cloud Value Map – SAP Enterprise Support' section right from the drop-down menu bar (see image above).

Step 3 – Now select the desired Value Map Objectives. For instance, you may choose ‘the Appropriate integration methodology and data migration strategy’ or/and ‘Safeguard the go-live through go-live analysis and verification’ options to move forward (see image above).

Step 4 – You will be asked to add your contact details for verification. Besides, the site will also make an ‘On-boarding’ call right from the SAP regional advisor. Fill out the details given in the image above.

How to log in to SAP Performance Success Factors

Be warry that the URL of the SAP Performance Success Factors website login page varies by region and customer. You must have received an email notification together with SAP login credentials along with a link to the appropriate login page URL. If you cannot find the email, you should contact your administrator within your organization. Although per day an organization is different, SAP Success Factors company administrators are always available within the IT or HR department. For further assistance and identification, you should contact HR or the IT department.

Besides, if you face technical problems, for examples, if your account was locked and you would like to reset a locked account, first you need to contact an administrator in your organization. SAP organizations can provide usernames, reset passwords, restore locked accounts, or even perform other tasks for you to help you quickly access the system.