What does NFL stand for?

NFL stands for the National Football League which is a professional American-based football league. The NFL consists of around 32 teams, which are divided equally among the American Football Conference (AFC) and the National Football Conference (NFC). The National Football League (NFL) is considered to be one of the four major and leading North American professional sports leagues, with the highest professional level of American-based football even throughout the whole world. Besides, the NFL is recognized as the wealthiest professional football sports league via revenue, and lists in the sports league with the most exciting and valuable teams.

How to activate the NFL on Roku via /activate

To activate NFL on Roku, you will have to purchase the NFL Game Pass right from its web page and connect the two accounts. Follow the steps to complete the activation process:

Step 1 - Open the Roku Channel Store. Click on the “Sports or News & Notable” section or enter “NFL” in the search engine box. Note that the channel is labeled NFL instead of NFL Game Pass.

Step 2 - Once found, press "Add channel". Then, sign in to your Roku account. Once you join your NFL Game Pass Roku, you will be asked to verify your account.

Step 3 - Roku's Guide policy recommends that you visit the www /Roku. Next, you will be asked to provide the activation code shown in the Roku Channel Store.

Roku streaming device manufacturers produce a large number of platforms, all of which NFL Game Pass is compatible with. Some of these streaming devices include the following gadgets, such as Roku Express, Roku Streaming Stick+, Roku Premiere, and Roku Ultra. However, be wary, that other platforms support the NFL app, for instance, Roku's Smart Soundbar.

How to activate the NFL on Apple TV via /activate

NFL Game Pass is accessible via the Apple App Store. To activate the NFL on your Apple TV, you need to go ahead to www Once you download the NFL application from the Apple App Store, you will be enabled to link your NFL Game Pass account. Note that, if you are using your Apple TV, then you will need at least the 4th generation and 4K of the device. Follow the below-listed instructions for NFL activation:

Start by getting NFL Game Pass on your Apple TV subscription right from iTunes by purchasing the app or on the web through the web page at www After that, go to your device's App Store and look for the NFL application. If you purchased the app on iTunes, then follow these steps:

  • Go to your Settings category and tap on the Purchase/Restore Game Pass option.
  • Then, click the “Purchased through iTunes? Restore” button. From here, you will be asked to provide your Apple ID.

However, if you purchased the NFL Game Pass app via the web instead of on iTunes, then the process is simpler. Here, you will need to access Settings and tap on the “Sign in”. You will get an exclusive code for your app’s account. Next, follow a series of easy steps to complete the activation process.

Note that the NFL Game Pass is supported by iOS and Apple devices, like the Mac, iPad, and iPhone. For instance, if you have an Apple TV that has Version 4, then a useful workaround for you and your device is Apple AirPlay, which mirrors the application right from your cell phone device to your TV screen.

How to activate the NFL on Amazon Firestick by /activate

Like Apple TV and Roku, you will be required to purchase the NFL Game Pass from its official web page to activate the NFL on your Amazon Firestick. Here you can view some instructions on how to download the NFL application.

Step 1 - From the main menu bar of your Amazon Fire/Firestick TV, search for and then click the “Apps” button.

Step 2 - Then scroll over the page to “Categories” and select “Sports”.

Step 3 - Tap on the NFL application. A new page will display, where you will need to choose “Get” in order to download it.

Step 4 - Open the application and choose “Activate NFL Game Pass”.

Step 5 - If you have not already, then you will be required to sign up for NFL Game Pass Fire Stick.

Step 6 - Once you do accordingly, you will need to sign in with your new account credentials. Follow instructions on your TV screen to complete the activation process.

How to activate the NFL Game Pass app on Xbox One

If you want to activate the NFL Game Pass application on your Xbox One device, then you will have to install the NFL Game Pass International app right on your Xbox One with everything ready. The app offers access to Game Replays, NFL Network Live, NFL RedZone, and other NFL content.

Follow these steps which guide you through the NFL Game Pass activation process:

Step 1 - First, connect your Xbox One console directly to your TV and then ensure that it was connected to the strong WiFi connection.

Step 2 - Right under the “Store” section scroll down to the “Search” menu.

Step 3 - With the help of your device's controller, enter NFL Game Pass and click the "Search" menu.

Step 4 - Press the "Get" button and wait for the app for a few seconds to install.

Step 5 - Once the app is installed, sign in with the NFL user account. Note that, you should enter user credentials that you used for subscribing to the NFL Game Pass.

Step 6 - Once you are signed in, you will be automatically enabled to stream and watch all the programs on the NFL channel.