Myloweslife sso login

What is

My Lowe's is one of the largest and the most popular companies based in the USA, providing both, hardware and home-improvement products. Its self-service human resource system is called "My Lowe's Life" which was designed for around 265.000 employees to help manage the employee's requirements. My Lowe's Life can be easily found on the www web address, you can type it in your web browser or simply copy and paste. My Lowe’s Life platform allows all Lowe's employees and workers to gain access to their accounts, view, and check all information about their employment. My Lowe's employees can also manage their paycheck, tax, schedule, benefits, shifts, and more.

Myloweslife Employee Portal

My Lowe's Life is a useful tool for all Lowe's employees, including former and current workers too. Using this online platform, a Lowe's worker can check his or her working schedule, view trade, change shifts, manage benefits, paychecks, read work-related emails, do other work-related tasks and view other details all related to the employee's job.

Besides, this platform helps its workers to apply for better job positions, check Information about workers’ benefits and plans all provided within this site. This information also consists of vacation pay, work benefits, dental insurance, unemployment compensation, and even life insurance for dependents.

How to login to Myloweslife

To log in to your My Lowes Life portal, first of all, you need to have all your login credentials ready to be allowed to log in to the My Lowe's Life portal. Besides, it is required that you must be a current or even a former Lowe's employee. And, you should already have been given these login credentials, such as your User ID (it is your identification number), login password, together with a security question.

It is important to take into consideration that you enter your login credentials correctly and answer the given security question carefully. It would be ideal if you had a tablet, PC, smartphone, or computer with a strong Wifi or a good internet connection. Be wary, that your MyLowes Life SSO login credentials will be sent to you through your MyLowes HR department. Hence, it is recommended that you directly consult Lowe's HR department if happens that you have not received any of your login credentials.

After you obtain all the essential login details, you can now go right into the My Lowe's Life's login page which you can find at www Simply type in this website address in your web browser or copy and paste it. Once you open the website, you will immediately see two text input boxes displayed on My Lowe's Life's homepage, this is the point from where you must type in the login credentials to be successfully logged into your Myloweslife portal.

MyLowesLife login for current employees

If you are a new or current MyLowe's associate member and want to log in to your portal, then all you need to do is to enter your identification number right into the 'Sales Number' text box, type in the password in the 'Password' text box and simply click on the Login button.

As soon as you sign in, you will immediately see two options that ask you to choose between 'Part-time' or 'Full-Time.' You should choose the one that best applies to you, and you will be then taken to your MyLowesLife account's homepage. That homepage will have a navigation bar located right at the top side of your screen and a search bar will be there too, that you may use to search for any work-related topics that you are interested in or want to address. Note that there can be fake so-called 'phishing' pages when trying to log in, the site is safeguarded but they do exist. So the correct URL address for the MyLowes Life website is www

MyLowesLife login for former employees

To login to MyLowesLife, former employee associates of the MyLowes Life SSO portal will have to click on the 'Click Here' link which is located at the middle part of the screen found on www By clicking on that link, a former employee will be redirected to a page where he or she must choose the type of employment he or she had at MyLowe's. Per link will redirect the former user to the page that describes the benefits that he or she can still receive from the company.

Some former Lowe’s employees may face issues when attempting to log in to their accounts. If you face one, try this:

  • Ensure you are on the right login page. The official login web page is at www
  • When typing in the website domain address, you will be immediately directed to a unique address that must start with
  • Clear your browser's history and cookies.
  • Select to log in with another browser.
  • Try to log in from another device, such as a mobile phone, or a laptop.
  • Check if your web browser has been updated as MyLowe's Life will require for JavaScript and cookies use.
  • Ensure you have the most up to date version of JavaScript.
  • Check that you have entered login credentials (user ID or password) correctly.

If you still encounter any problem while logging into your MyLowe’s Life account despite all these above-mentioned solutions, then you might have forgotten your login credentials, password or user ID. In that case, refer to the ‘how to reset login password or User ID’ section below, or contact the HR department for further assistance.

How to reset login password on Myloweslife

To reset the password, click on the 'Forgot Password' button located under the 'Sales Number' and 'Password' text boxes on your screen (see above image). As soon as you click on the 'Forgot Password' link, you will be immediately redirected to the page where you will be prompted to answer a security question. It is the security question to which you provided an answer to your HR when you got your login credentials.

Once you answer the security question, you will get instructions to proceed with resetting your password. You must create a new valid password which must contain at least one digit and at least seven characters. If you still face a problem, contact your HR.