My tupperware consultant login

What is Tupperware

Generally speaking, Tupperware is a home products selling line that includes different household items, such as storage, preparation, and serving products used for the kitchen, entire home, and beauty products. In 1942, Earl Tupper founded his first bell-shaped container. Two years later, in the year of 1946, the Tupperware brand new products were introduced to the public. The name "Tupperware" is commonly used generically to denote glass or plastic food storage containers (also known as tubs) with snap close lids.

Tupperware manufactures, develops, and internationally distributes its brand products as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the line's parent company known as Tupperware Brands. In 2007, the selling company was marketed utilizing around 1.9 million direct salespeople on contract. As of 2013, the top marketplace of Tupperware became Indonesia, which marked Germany as the 2nd in the top marketplace list. In 2013, Indonesia's sales were over $200 million with approximately 250,000 salespersons.

History of Tupperware

In 1946, Tupperware was formed by Earl Silas Tupper in Leominster, Massachusetts. Earl Silas developed plastic containers that were used in households to hold and keep food, as well as it is airtight, which featured a later patented so-called "burping seal". In 1928, Tupper had already created the plastic for Tupperware, but the product only succeeded with the appearance of the "sale through presentation" idea, that was held in a party setting.

Tupperware improved and developed a direct marketing goal to sell its brand products known as the "Tupperware party". The Tupperware party allowed all women of the 1950s to earn an income while focusing on their domestic domain. The "party plan" model depends on characteristics that are assumed of housewives. For example, such as party planning, sociable relations with neighbours, friends and hosting a party as well.

How to login to My Tupperware consultant portal

To log in to the My Tupperware consultant portal, you should first create an account to get access to it. If you already have an account then follow these steps to log in:

Step 1 – First of all, go to the official website of Tupperware at www

Step 2 – Once you have entered the domain address of its website, you will appear on the homepage of Tupperware's My Sales Web Application. Here you should provide account credentials.

Step 3 – Enter your consultant number.

Step 4 – Enter your password.

Step 5 – Select preferred language among English, French, and Spanish languages.

Step 6 – Click on the Login button.

My Tupperware Consultant Number

My Tupperware Consultant Number is an 11 –digit Consultant ID number that is given to each of Tupperware's customer. If you do not know or have My Tupperware consultant number, then you should immediately refer to your Welcome Letter or directly contact Tupperware Customer Care toll-free by dialling at 888 – 921 – 7395. Note that you should contact the help service team only during the working hours: From Monday through Friday, from 8:30 AM ET to Midnight ET. Also, be aware of the fact that the last Friday of the Tupperware Sales Month Customer Care is only available until 3:00 AM ET.

How to reset My Tupperware consultant number and password

If you cannot remember your Tupperware Consultant number, you should use the "Forgot your Consultant Number?" button which is given on the Login page at www You must click on that link and wait for few seconds to have proceeded to a new web page.

Be aware of the fact that if you have forgotten both your account password and your Tupperware Consultant Number, you must then use the "Forgot Consultant Number" link first. After that, once you receive the email notification including your Tupperware Consultant Number, go and click on the Forgot Password button to receive your account's password. As soon as you receive it, enter the new password that was given to you and click on the "Let's Go!" button. Follow all the necessary steps given on your screen.

You must change your Tupperware account password the first time you log on to your account at My Sales Web Application. Note that, once you log on to your account, tap on the Change Password link located on the left area navigation menu. It is required that your password must be between 4 and 6 characters in length and maybe a combination of both, numeric and alpha characters.

If you can not remember your Tupperware Password, navigate and click on the Forgot your Password? It is recommended that you do not call Tupperware Customer Care service for resetting your Password as the help service team is not able to provide you assistance and give a new password through the phone (mainly due to safety and security reasons). You should use your PC mouse or even keyboard's Tab key to go to the pages. Do not try to use your keyboard's Enter key to navigate your cursor from field to field while being logged in to My Sales Application. This is because the system will not work appropriately and may cause technical problems.

However, if you forget your Tupperware consultant login password or consultant number you can click on the appropriate button given on the login page to follow the steps, reset your password and receive information to be enabled to reset it successfully.