My kc login

About my kc portal

MyKC is a one-stop service of Keystone College for all of its admission applicants, faculty, students, staff, and alumni network. My kc portal includes several major and minor categories. Some of the significant options include the following such as admissions, academics, campus life, and alumni. Some of the subcategories include Keystone college announcements, course schedules, my kc login instructions, mc kc password reset tips, and bookstore.

Keystone College entered into a new agreement along with the "eCampus," a premier online retailer of new, electronic textbooks for sale or rent. The online tool combines a custom bookstore link to show students all resources and materials needed for their courses. Alternatively, Keystone College students can quickly individual lookup courses on that platform. All Keystone students are recommended to purchase textbooks before starting the term and then ship textbooks right to their home address. To comply with state guidelines and CDC, the Keystone College will not hold books accessible to purchase on campus.

To use the bookstore service of Keystone College, users must be students or college staff. What's most important, all of them are required to undergo my kc login session to get access to the platform and manage to book and order materials for classes quite easily.

How to log in to my kc portal

Keystone College portal "my kc" gives all its users the opportunity to a wide variety of services and information via a single web interface. Services and web content on this website are specific to each user and reflect each user's roles within the college. The portal my kc is a user's link to what's happening, his or her source for College announcements, events, and news, and his or her starting point for access to online tools such as Desire 2 Learn (D2L), KishConnect, email, KishSOS, Calendar, and other resources.

Like all Web servers, Keystone College Internet hosts generate and store information sent by the Web browser when the browser requests Web content. The stored information can include the Internet Protocol (IP) address used by a user's computer, a proxy server, or the firewall of the user's network. It can also include the hostname, time, and date the browser made the request, requested file, page, or the page the browser "came from" right before the submission.

Here you can find some instructions for getting logged into my kc portal. To access and log in to the MyKC portal, the users have to enter the empty gaps, namely "User Name" and the user's "Password" that the user uses to sign on to the Keystone College network.

After logging into MyKC, users will directly access several resources specially tailored for users' needs. Also, each of my kc users will have access to the "My Pages" section, where the users can easily add their bookmarks, calendar events, notes, and other content.

How to reset the password of my kc portal

For Keystone College students and faculty staff:

  • Suppose Keystone College student or a faculty-staff are not on a Keystone College computer right now or have limited access to its computer due to technical problems and issues. In that case, they can click on the "Change the password" button to change the password the user uses to access Keystone College computing resources.
  • If Keystone College student or a faculty-staff are using a Keystone College computer right now, they can directly press the CTRL - ALT - DEL buttons and then select "Change Password" instead of using the other link.

For parents and candidates of Keystone College:

  • To change my kc password, users have to log in, select on Personal Info, and then press on and complete the information on the main "Password tab."

Note that, to change or update my kc password, you will need to fill in these following gaps on the official website of Keystone College portal:

  • Enter: MyKC ID;
  • Enter: old password;
  • Enter: new password;
  • Confirm new password.

However, be sure you put your "my kc login" ID in the top box and not confuse your email address. For Keystone College identity verification, users should include their name, home Zip Code, ID number, and the last four digits of their Social Security Number.