Monocle emoji

Monocle emoji meaning

A monocle emoji is featured with a yellow face and furrowed eyebrows. The smiley is wearing a monocle. That is the main attribute why the emoji received the name of "monocle emoji." The emoji is mostly depicted with an intent, small frown, and slightly upturned head, as if in the careful inspection. The monocle emoji can represent someone who is thinking, pondering, investigating, considering, or questioning something. Often the monocle emoji is used with a sense of ironic or skeptical observation or even encouraging a closer look at some content, object, or something else.

The monocle emoji symbol's primary meaning ? is facing with a monocle, since this object is related to stuffy and can be discovered in the emoji category, namely in " ? Smileys & Emotion" ― "? face-glasses." Besides, the monocle emoji can convey a sense or idea of sophistication or even a smug intelligence, such as smarty-pants. The face with the monocle symbol was first approved in 2017 as part of Unicode 10.0. Later, in the same year, the emoji was added to Emoji 5.0.

How to insert monocle emoji

You may directly copy the emoji symbol from here ― ? and paste anywhere you would like it to appear. It is by mentioning that this monocle emoji has no gender or skin tone variations. The face with a monocle symbol is mature enough and will work on most devices and social networking sites.

Here you will find useful code point characters by which you can quickly insert the monocle emoji anywhere, in web, messengers, or post. See below:

  1. Unicode Code Point for monocle emoji ― U+1F9D0
  2. Shortcode for monocle emoji ― :face_with_monocle:
  3. Windows ALT Code for monocle emoji ― ALT 129488
  4. Windows ALT X Code for monocle emoji ― 1F9D0 ALT X
  5. URL Escape Code for monocle emoji ― %F0%9F%A7%90
  6. Bytes (UTF-8) for monocle emoji ― \xF0\x9F\xA7\x90
  7. Punycode for monocle emoji ― xn--9u9h
  8. PHP, Ruby for monocle emoji ― \u{1F9D0}
  9. Java, JavaScript, JSON code for monocle emoji ― \u1F9D0
  10. C, C++, Python code for monocle emoji ― \u1F9D0
  11. Perl code for monocle emoji ― \x{1F9D0}
  12. CSS code for monocle emoji ― \01F9D0
  13. Hexadecimal Code for monocle emoji ― 1F9D0
  14. Decimal Code for monocle emoji ― 129488
  15. HTML Entity in hex for monocle emoji ― 🧐
  16. HTML Entity in decimal for monocle emoji ― 🧐

Use and examples of monocle emoji

It must be mentioned that the face with monocle emoji is a face that wears a monocle always on the right ? eye. The emoji can mean something fancy or someone being intelligent. For instance, you may often feel fancy and want to ? dress a little more formally on a particular occasion, and you can send this emoji to your friends to show the desire to look fancy and hope others will join you.

Moreover, you may also use this emoji if you want to play Monopoly with your friends. You may send the monocle emoji with the ? money icon to ask if anyone wants to play.

Here are some phrases with the use of the ? face with monocle emoji:

  • “I feel a little bit ? today... I think I'll wear my suit”.
  • “Doesn't he look like the Monopoly guy ??”.
  • "I wonder who I'm going to marry and how we're going to meet ?".
  • "When your friend brags about himself, and you do not believe him, ask him for evidence saying, "Really? Let me see ? or show me more ?."

You can create exciting and sometimes funny combinations with a couple of emojis. You may use these combinations to make riddles, fun, and message with your friends without words:

  • ? ? ― meaning: Watch this lady dancing.
  • ? + ? = ? ― definition: Monocle.

Monocle emoji across different devices

You may have noticed from the above image that the monocle emoji looks quite different across multiple platforms. That is due to the manufacturer of that gadget or device. The reason behind it is that they create their emojis according to their vision and interests.