Mobilink ecare check call sms data history

What is Mobilink Ecare

Mobilink Jazz, or commonly known as Mobilink Ecare, is a leading telecom company based in Pakistan. The Mobilink Ecare covers the largest number of mobile phone users throughout Pakistan. The company usually brings quite handy and helpful services for all its users. Recently, Mobilink Jazz company introduced a new so-called "Ecare" or "Mobilink Ecare" service, which is gradually getting mostly popular among the Mobilink Jazz users.

Mobilink Ecare service can be said that brings a revolutionary change in the telecom services that are based in Pakistan. Jazz Ecare, i.e., Mobilink Ecare, enables all its users to easily access the SMS, calls, and internet history of their private number. If the Mobilink Ecare user wants to remain within budget, then he/she will need to know the details on how many calls he/she has made in the previous weeks or months. Besides, the user should be aware of how much per call cost him/her. Similarly, the users may check the message, i.e., SMS, and internet history. To find out how to check call, SMS data, and history on Mobilink Ecare, refer to the below section of this article.

How to check call SMS data history on Mobilink Ecare

Guide 1 – How to check call history on Mobilink Ecare – If you want to figure out how to check your call history on Mobilink Ecare, then read this section attentively. All the outgoing, incoming, and missed calls are generally shown in your Mobilink Ecare portal. Mobilink Ecare users can receive information about any call time, duration, and the date of the outgoing or incoming call. That means the users do not have to check the Call Log history on their mobile device anymore. Mobilink Ecare enables them to check the call history online while they are sitting anywhere and anytime.

Guide 2 – How to check SMS history on Jazz Ecare/Mobilink Exar – Mobilink Ecare brings its users' SMS history to know whether they are receiving and sending a limited or excessive number of SMS. Mobilink Ecare also permits all its users to check the SMS data they have sent to other mobile phone numbers and the received SMS data with the time and the contact number right from where they have received it.

Guide 3 – How to check internet history on Mobilink Ecare – Mobilink Ecare has another quite handy and exciting feature known as "Internet History." Users have access to check internet history via using the Mobilink Ecare powered by Jazz. The platform enables users to maintain their web browsing, uploading, and downloading. Hence, it is allowed for users to check the content they have uploaded, downloaded, or searched online.

What are the common Mobilink Ecare features?

This section provides you with useful information about some of the most common features of Mobilink Ecare. For instance:

– Access to check calls history, SMS data history, and Internet data usage.

– Feature to manage private numbers online with the portal.

– Feature to track complete details about the number that the user has registered on the Mobilink Ecare portal.

– Feature to finalize details about the private account.

– Features for billing and payment of electricity and gas bills, Remaining data, and Balance Inquiry.

– Feature to recharge the history of numbers.

How to sign up for Mobilink Ecare/Jaz E-Care

Below you will find a detailed step-by-step guide to sign u for the Mobilink Ecare (Jazz Ecare) portal. Follow these instructions:

Step 1 – First of all, go to the official ECare website. When the web page is open, you must click on the “Mobilink Connect Login” button.

Step 2 – Here, you will be required to enter your right Jazz Number in the field, and then press "Enter" or press next to log onto the "E-Care Account" button.

Step 3 – After the successful registration, you will get a text message alert on your private Mobilink/Jazz number.

Step 4 – Be informed that you should type one in response to a received SMS on your number to verify for verification of your number.

Step 5 – After a few seconds, you will get a unique verification code on your Mobilink/Jazz number that you have entered during registration.

Step 6 – Next, you will get your login name and user password via a text message. Now that you have registered for the Mobilink number on your ECare Account, you will be immediately enabled to check all details regarding your Mobilink/Jazz number. You can see your call history, SMS history, remaining data, internet data usage, and much more.