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How to log in to Menti com

To log in to Menti com, users should go directly to the official website of the Mentimeter and approach on the Menti com login page. Login to Menti com can be done in various ways. The first way to join the Mentimeter software is through entering the user details such as:

  • The user's email address;
  • The user's password;

Another way is to click on the “Log in with Facebook” option. Users can use this option if they already have signed up with their personal Facebook account. If not, they must go directly to the Menti com sign up page.

The third option to log in to Menti com is to press the "Log in with Google" button, right on the Menti com login page. Again, if the user has already logged and signed in Menti com, he/she will be able to log into the Mentimeter tool directly. If not, go to the Menti com sign up page.

The next way to log in to the Mentimeter account is to choose "Login with SSO." What is it? When the user decides to log in to Menti com with SSO, he/she is then redirected to a new Menti com login page where he/she has to enter his/her company name, e.g., Fun Company, and then press the "Log in" button. Note that, by logging into the personal Mentimeter account, the user confirms that he/she has taken part in and accepted the terms of use and policies of the Mentimeter website.

Suppose the user of the Mentimeter account forgets his//her personal password. In that case, he/she should directly go to the Menti com password reset page, where he/she will be required to enter his/her email address to receive the code and reset the password.

How to sign up in Menti com

New users of the Mentimeter can create a free Mentimeter account within a few seconds. Here you can check the details that you will need to sign up in Menti com:

  • Option 1 - You can easily use your social networking site account, particularly Facebook personal account. You should go directly to the homepage of Menti com and click on the "Sign up" button. Then choose the option "Sign up with Facebook," The system will automatically redirect you to a new page to confirm the website's terms and conditions.
  • Option 2 - You can use your Google personal account. To do so, you should go within the same steps as described above in Option 1. Once doing so, press "Sign up with Google."
  • Option 3 - You can sign up and create your own Mentimeter account by signing your email address. Enter your email address, then choose a password which must contain at least six characters and then type your first and last name and click "Sign up."

What is the use of Menti com?

MENTI, or so-called Mentimeter, is an easy-to-use presentation platform used by over 25 million people worldwide. With the help of Menti com, users can easily create interactive and fun presentations. Mentimeter is used to design memorable and innovative lectures, events, presentations, and workshops. Mentimeter software may be used for any occasion. For example, when making collaborative and interactive workshops via Menti com, you save time for preparation and documentation.

Mentimeter can also be used for creating and conducting corporate training sessions in a completely new way. Users of MENTI COM can add gamification to their sessions to improve and energize the learning experience. Besides, Menti helps all its users make the teaching process far more interactive by actively participating in lectures using the Mentimeter tool as a formative assessment tool.

Mentimeter is widely used for office workers as well. By MENTI COM, users can ensure a productive and effective meeting via visualization of attendees’ opinions or make events far more fun and exciting by allowing them to participate in collaborative presentations. With the use of Mentimeter, a single conference can become interesting by allowing everyone to voice their ideas and opinions.