Mcap login

What is MCAP

MCAP is recognized as one of the largest independent Mortgage Finance Companies based in Canada, with more than $111 billion in total assets right under management. The MCAP company runs the services in three main lines of business, such as residential mortgages, commercial mortgages, and development finance.

The MCAP company is comprised of more than 900 employees in 8 branch offices. The MCAP originates, trades, securitizes, and services mortgages throughout Canada. It has a stable of overall 25 institutional investors and more than around 225,000 homeowners in Canada. Besides, the MCAP company has the expertise and the flexibility to create innovative financial services and products to be in line and match the needs and requirements of both investor and borrowers. The shortened name of MCAP means "One Stop Shopping" for various aspects of real estate lending.

About MCAP History

Talking about the history of MCAP company, it must be mentioned that back in 1981, three independent investment bank holders had a vision and set a goal together to form an independent service provider of financial solutions providing flexibility and unparalleled expertise in, particularly chosen markets. The insight of MCAP was provided initially by the founders who enabled MCAP to continually grow, develop, improve, evolve, and paved the way for the company's goal and vision today – to be and remain the status of the largest Mortgage Finance Company across Canada.

All started with the acquisition of a small trust and secure company which operated under the name of Interior Trust, from there the story of MCAP began. Over the several years, as the vision and goal gained momentum, everything had changed and changed even some more except the focus on offering superior economic value to MCAP customers while holding an unsurpassed status for adherence to lender and investor standards, integrity, regulatory compliance, and trust. The primary mission of MCAP still guides the MCAP company even today.

Nowadays the MCAP company hold over $111 billion in assets right under its management together with ann annual new asset production of approximately $15 billion and even more, and has also become one of Canada's largest Mortgage Finance Companies ever. With the help of institutional shareholders and partners representing some of Canada's largest financial institutions, a visionary and clear strategic plan, with strong brand equity, MCAP became a dynamic company which is anchored currently via the core mission of its primary founders as it continues to develop.

How to log in to MCAP account

To log in to MCAP account, you will need to have an active account created on www MCAP com. In this section, you will find the guide on how to log in to your MCAP account to view annual statements, tax letters, and see a mortgage Information. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1 – To begin with, you will need to go to the main official website of MCAP at www mcap com.

Step 2 – On the home page, you will see different categories such as:

  • Residential Mortgages
  • Commercial Mortgages
  • Development Finance
  • About MCAP
  • Careers

Scroll down the MCAP home page to see more information about the company and became more aware and familiar with its products and services. Since you need to log in to the account, look for the MyMCAP button.

Step 3 – You will immediately notice the MyMCAP Login button, which is located at the middle top side of the screen.

Step 4 – Click on the MyMCAP login button. Note that it may take a few seconds to proceed to a new login page. The system will automatically redirect you to that page.

Step 5 – After that, you will be taken to the new login page at www mcap com /my mcap /login page.

Step 6 – Here you will be prompted to enter your username and password.

Step 7 – You can tick the "Remember Me" button if you want to enable the site to identify your login credentials once you try to access the site. Or, if you do not want to let the website remember your login credentials, simply leave the box empty and proceed to next step.

Step 8 – Once you are done with the login form, click on the “Login” button and follow on-screen instructions.

How to sign up and create an MCAP account

If you do not have MCAP account, then you can create a new account simply by clicking on the "Register" button, which you will find on the Login page at www mcap com /my mcap /login. Once you do so, a pop-up window will immediately appear. Here, you will be required to provide the details exactly as they are displayed in your mortgage documents given to you. Note that your email address will be afterwards used to verify and identify your MCAP account.

Here is a list of tasks that you need to do to complete the registration form:

Step 1 – You should enter your Mortage account number. Note that the format of the Mortage account number is 7 digits that are followed by decimal point together with one digit. For instance, 9999999.1.

Step 2 – Then you will need to enter your bank account number. Note that you are required to provide 4 digits of the bank account that your MCAP mortgage payment is drawn from.

Step 3 – After that enter your last name in full.

Step 4 – Tick the “I’m not a robot” box.

Step 5 – Click on the Continue button and follow the instructions that will be displayed on your screen.