Mandiri easy

How to log into Mandiri easy

To log in to Mandiri accessible web page, you can follow the below-listed step-by-step guide and instructions:

– First of all, you will need to go directly to the official website of Mandiri.

– Once opening the homepage of Mandiri easy, the users' login process begins via SuccessFactors for Mandiri. Another option is to enter a different company ID. Either the user's username and password are always case-sensitive.

You will need to fill in the following required fields, such as:

– Username.

– Password.

If you have a problem logging into the "Mandiri easy" platform, you should contact your company's administrator to retrieve your username. If this does not help your situation, you can check out the support FAQ (Frequently asked questions) right on the "Mandiri easy" web page.

Where to log in to SAP SuccessFactors on Mandiri easy

To log in to SAP SuccessFactors on Mandiri easy, the exact URL of the user's SAP SuccessFactors login page usually depends on the user's company's technical requirements. For security measures, Mandiri easy platform cannot tell its users the precise URL related to each user's company. Hence, users should have received an email alert in the past with detailed information on their login credentials and an appropriate link.

However, suppose the user still cannot locate, receive, or understand the email. In that case, he/she must contact the individuals within his/her company with access to the Support Portal to gain the precise Web address used by the company, or another option is to try one of the links provided by the Mandiri easy platform. To see these links, the user must quickly go to Mandiri's homepage and follow the screen's instructions and signs.

What to do when you forget the "Mandiri easy" username?

If the user of the "Mandiri easy" web page forgets his/her username assigned to the user by his or her company, he/she must read this section carefully. The username of "Mandiri easy" platforms can freely be the same as one of the user's other usernames in his/her company's internal systems.

Also, the username can be something specific to the user's company's SAP SuccessFactors system. In any way, the user should have received an email alert with their login credentials and details when the user was first granted access to that system. However, if the user has forgotten the username, he/she must contact the individuals throughout his/her company with access to the Support Portal for further help.

What to do when your forget Mandiri easy password

What happens when the user of Mandiri easy platform forgets his/her login password? Commonly, suppose the user's company has enabled the password help feature. In that case, the user may regain access right to SAP SuccessFactors by pressing the link of the "Forgot Password" on the main login page of Mandiri easy. As a result, the user will become able to either reset or retrieve his/her password, depending on his/her company's password policy and terms of use.

However, suppose that feature is not accessible to the user, or the user does not know where to log in on the "Mandiri easy" portal. In that case, he/she should proceed and contact the individuals or administrator in his/her company with full access to the Support portal.

How to activate Mandiri easy mobile app using QR code

In order to activate the Mandiri easy's user SuccessFactors mobile app, the user, first of all, needs to scan the QR code right with his/her mobile phone device. Once the user browses the QR Code, he/she should enter his/her "Mandiri easy" portal's username and password to finalize the activation procedure. Besides, anyone in the company has the right and access to use the QR Code of the Mandiri easy website.