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About Kenyan Institute of Professional Studies (KIPS)

The Kenyan Institute of Professional Studies, shortly known as the KIPS, has earned outstanding success via its student services, schools, evening coaching, colleges, and other educational projects. The KIPS quickly became the fastest-growing institution and acquired the most reliable and popular name in providing high-quality education. The KIPS university offers superb facilities in its modern campuses, a wide range of different programs and courses on varied educational levels.

Besides, the Kenyan Institute of Professional Studies offers an official website of the college itself, a benefit of using the KIPS student portal, which is intended for students to help them receive all the important information regarding their education, i.e., courses, materials, deadlines, etc.

What is the KIPS student portal?

The Kenyan Institute of Professional Studies (KIPS), also commonly known as the KIPS Technical College, provides the KIPS student portal for anyone enrolled in this institute and takes courses and programs delivered by the KIPS. KIPS student portal is one of the most significant advantages that the university offers students. The KIPS student portal is essential, especially for those students who start their studies at the KIPS college since they need access to a learning management system and financial services, Such as applications, hubs, and sections where they will be allowed to see submitted grades or upload assignments.

The KIPS student portal also provides a feature that enables students to collaborate, i.e., it ensures students an engaging student experience. For instance, under some courses, students need to work on projects. Hence, in the KIPS student portal, they can easily communicate, work, and update any information regarding their profiles. Besides, the KIPS student portal can deliver information regarding the school, specially organized events, academic resources, course details, contact information, and calendars.

Generally speaking, a student portal is a term that refers to the login page where the university students have to log in to access the college's courses, course materials, information, and other related learning resources. For example, students who are applied for the KIPS university courses will be then enabled to create an account in the KIPS student portal to gain access to online course materials, such as videos, lectures, articles, and everything that is hosted available on the KIPS's server.

Another specific reasons and benefits of using the Kenyan Institute of Professional Studies (KIPS) include the following aspects, such as:

  • Kenyan Institute of Professional Studies (KIPS) registration system;
  • Kenyan Institute of Professional Studies (KIPS) fees payment;
  • Access to check term results;
  • Access to view KIPS admission status and print admission letter;
  • Access to receive acceptance fee payment;
  • Access to download the Kenyan Institute of Professional Studies (KIPS) transcript;
  • Access to apply for extra credit courses, etc.

About KIPS student portal login

In order to log in to the KIPS students portal, you must be enrolled in the KIPS college and have an active status as a KIPS student. Those who are prospective students, continuing or returning students, and first-year students all can gain access to the Kenyan Institute of Professional Studies (KIPS) student portal. Below you will find detailed step by step instructions on how to access the KIPS student portal.

Follow these steps to log in to your KIPS student portal:

Step 1 – First of all, you should go to the Kenyan Institue of Professional Studies (KIPS), at www kips ac ke.

Step 2 – Secondly, you will be requested to enter your login credentials that usually includes your KIPS student portal's account username and password.

Step 3 – Be informed that sometimes students must type the individual student PIN to get to the KIPS student portal.

How to reset the KIPS student portal's forgotten password

In order to reset the password, you will be required to submit your email address or username. If the students are in the system, the KIPS will immediately send instructions on how to get access.

About KIPS college

In 2004, the Kenyan Institute of Professional Studies (KIPS)started its mission to enhance intermediate level students with a high-quality education at Lahore. Currently, the KIPS College has a branch of around 25 campuses in 7 cities throughout Punjab and the Federal Capital. During that period, students from the KIPS College have done wonders both in board exams and in the entrance tests for admission to one of the top professional institutes in the country.

Some of the KIPS Colleges' valuable and standout qualities, among various others, are revision and test sessions, comprehensive study, an experienced and highly qualified faculty, scholarships, and counseling sessions. Another distinctive feature of the KIPS Colleges is that it provides its students extra time and effort via its Pre-1st Year session and the Revision and Test sessions. All these sessions warrant that the KIPS college students receive more time for better results and more comprehensive preparation.