Kahoot enter game pin

About Kahoot Live Game

Kahoot.it is a web-based, free, and game-based learning tool designed for making online surveys, quizzes, games, questionnaires, and discussions that enables learners to select answers via Kahoot’s multi-player mode. The website Kahoot.it can be utilized with both computer operating systems or mobile phone devices. Besides, the web version of Kahoot is quite compatible with web browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, and other widely-used internet browsers.

A live Kahoot game is an amazing way to get together any audience, regardless of their age, with any topic you choose to discuss or teach, Kahoot will help you engage learners in group work. Kahoot's live games are always fun. The games are usually best hosted on a large screen (such as a projector screen or even computer screens) so that each player can see the questions well. When the live game starts, a player will see a Kahoot game PIN displayed on the screen.

Players must join the Kahoot game by entering the game PIN in their iOS, or Android mobile apps or even at www Kahoot.it in the internet browser on their web-enabled device. On the next step, players must enter their nicknames and check if they can see their names in the game lobby displayed on the main, shared screen. Once everyone enters the Kahoot game PIN and their nicknames, the large screen will show questions, multiple answer options, and other related visual aids, such as images or videos. Players use their devices to select correct answers.

How to find a Kahoot game pin

If you visit the official website of Kahoot at the following address HTTPS:// www Kahoot.it, you will be able to see Enter PIN button on your screen. The same button can be displayed if you access Kahoot via your mobile app version and click on the “Enter PIN” button. After that, you will be able to see a field that prompts you to enter a “game PIN”. Be aware that a Kahoot game PIN is a unique, temporary code that verifies and identifies which game you would like to join. The Kahoot game PIN is generated when the host starts a live game or when someone assigns a challenge.

Kahoot Game PINs are unique per Kahoot gameplay session. PINs are generally generated once a Kahoot has been started, and used at Kahoot.it website so that learners or players are enabled to join a host’s Kahoot session. To find a Kahoot game PIN, you will need to be at a location where the host is launching a Kahoot game. The screen that the leader has launched the Kahoot on should be insight for you to view the game PIN. Note that, as a participant in gameplay, you cannot generate a game PIN. You will be given a PIN by someone, a teacher or another person, who is hosting a game.

What to consider before joining the Kahoot game

Regardless if you are joining a Kahoot live game or Kahoot gameplay challenge, the advances required to join are all the same. To join a Kahoot game, you need to have the following:

  • A desktop, tablet, laptop, or mobile phone device – Ensure you use a supported internet browser or Kahoo’s mobile app version is fully and correctly installed on your device.
  • A stable and secure internet connection – Game challenges only require the internet to join the game and then to submit the right answers when the player is done. Note that, Kahoot live games rely very much on internet stability. Hence, if you are facing frequent connection problems, there are some things you should do to test internet stability. As a quick fix, you can try switching to a different connection method (for example wifi, ethernet, or cellular). Also, note that the internet data usage of Kahoot services is quite low and you can easily answer up to 1,000 questions and be well under 1GB of data usage.
  • A Kahoot game PIN or Kahoot game challenge link – If you have either of these provided by someone who is launching the game you want to join, you will be able to easily access the game.
  • No private account is needed to join a Kahoot game – Unless the leader/host enabled the “player identifier” function on the game you are joining, there is nothing prompted for you that persists from game to game.

Join Kahoot via game PIN

Follow the below-given step by step guide to joining Kahoot via game PIN successfully:

Step 1 – First of all, you need to open your device's internet browser and enter the address of Kahoot.it a website or open Kahoot mobile app and click on the "Enter PIN" button.

Step 2 – Now you should enter a Kahoot game PIN.

Step 3 – If “player identifier” is enabled by the game host, give the requested identifier.

Step 4 – If the “friendly nickname generator” is enabled by the game host, then click on the “spin” button to select a random nickname. If this function is disabled, you may type a nickname of your choice.

Join Kahoot via the challenge link

You should ensure that the host of the Kahoot game challenge has shared a challenge link and a game PIN with you since both of these details are needed to join the challenge. Click on the challenge link you received from the host. If Kahoot mobile app is installed on your device, then the Kahoot challenge game will open in Kahoot mobile app. If not, it will open in your device’s internet browser.

In that case, follow these steps:

Step 1 – First, enter a game PIN.

Step 2 – Then, if “player identifier” is enabled, you will be requested to provide the identifier.

Step 3 – If the “friendly nickname generator” is enabled, you will have to tap the “spin” button to choose one name from a random nickname.