Is icdrama se down right now

Is down right now? was the most well-known and popular Add-on platform for offering Korean, Hong Kong, Taiwanese, and Japanese movies and TV shows. Recently, went down due to showing copyrighted content as the developer does not have the rights to provide all these videos. It is the most common problem that almost each Add-on platform has ever encountered like in previous years when the audience saw the Covenant and Exodus shut down. Below you can check a guide that will help you install icdrama Kodi Addon.

How To Install IcDrama Kodi Addon

Kodi Addon is the official website of which is mainly dedicated to providing Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese animes, movies, TV shows, or other sorts of entertainment. If you have this Add-on platform you will be able to enjoy the same content that you could get right on its official website.

Since the website went down right now and its users were very disappointed due to this reason as was the only source available to see and enjoy too much free content for free of charge. After icdrama being shut down for a long time, the service finally provided the same content for free but instead of a website - they now use Add-on.

Once you install IcDrama Addon on your Kodi you will be enabled to get the old, latest, and trending TV Shows of Japan, China, Taiwan, and Korea. Although it includes different types of Movies, Manga, Anime Series, and almost every sort of entertainment. Besides, Kodi Addon scraps links from different sources and offers its viewers one place. These links are fast, work well and are almost good as premium. But if you are the Real-Debrid user instead of Kodi Addon, then you should know that it does not support any link scrapper as you as a Real-Debrid user have to rely on the free links only.

Here is a guide on how to install IcDrama Kodi Addon, if you are a die-hard fan of Asian content. In total, this installation procedure won't take more than 5 minutes but time may vary and be different depending on your internet strength and speed. Perhaps before moving to the installation you need to enable the installation of 3rd-party Add-ons. By default, it is almost always prohibited so you may not be able to download and install anything on your own.

To enable this installation of 3rd-party addons follows these instructions:

1. Launch Kodi Addon on your device. From the Home Screen tap on the Settings button located near the Power button.

2. Then open the System setting section that you can find right side below.

3. As soon as it is set select Add – ons from the left panel and click Unknown Sources from the right side.

4. Once you tap on that switcher it will immediately show you a warning message with some sort of warning information, but you just need to ignore it and click YES.

Now the installation of an Unknown Source is enabled on your device, this means you can further move to the drama Kodi Addon installation guide. You can view the installation steps below Guide to the installation of icdrama Kodi Addon:

1. Open Settings from the Home Screen of Kodi. Once you open it, the first option will appear labelled as File Manager.

Now from here, you should click on the Add Source button which you can find from the left or right side. It will then show you a window and you need to click on < None >.

2. Then, you should type the source URL that www and click the Ok button. Then click the Ok button to save it. Once you do so, you will see the Source added after which the name will appear on both sides. Now, you need to go back to the Home Screen and at this time tap on the Add–ons from the left side of your screen.

3. After you do so, click on the Package Installer button or the box icon which is located near the Settings section. In the next screen, you will view some menus, where you need to choose Install From Zip File option.

4. Now you will see the window which appears on your screen. Here you need to click the name of the source that we just added in the previous steps (e.g., IcDrama). At this point, you should choose (Note that x.x.x is just the version name that can be different).

5. Now, you need to wait for a few seconds until you get the notification that says "azhusband repo installed". This message will appear on the top right-hand side of your screen. When that notification pops up you should open the Install right from the Repository section. It will then shows you the list of all Repository that is installed on your device. You will be able to look for find azhusband-Kodi-repo to open it.

6. On the next screen, you will see two folders which you have to open by clicking on Video–Ons. Here you will find all the Vide-Ons and then tap on the IcDrama button from the given list. From the next screen, you should select the Install button which you will find at the bottom side of your screen.

7. Next, once you click on that, a window will pop up displaying these Add-ons and informing that they have been installed and now you can press Ok to start the installation. Then, it will show you the progress of downloading and as soon as it is finished you will get another notification on the right-hand side of your screen notifying that “Addon IcDrama is installed“.

8. The IcDrama Add-on is now installed on your device and you are now allowed to watch your favourite Asian shows, movies and animes all in one place. To get access to this Add-on go to the Home Screen section and from the left panel choose Video Add-ons. You will see installed Video Addons, hover to the IcDrama and press on it to start.

9. Once you launch it, you will get access to a various selection of menus such as Recent Updates, HK Movies, HK Drama, Chinese Drama/Movies, Taiwanese Drama/Movies, etc. It has the search button as well, so in case you do not wish to waste time searching in every folder, type the name of the Movie and it will appear.