Icms reports powered by cris Indian railways

About CRIS Indian railways

CRIS is an acronym that stands for the Centre for Railway Information Systems. It is an organization operating under the Ministry of Railways. CRIS is an excellent combination of experienced Railway staff and competent IT professionals who administer complex Railway IT systems and spectacular success in core areas. After its inception, CRIS maintains and develops software right for the key functional areas of the Indian Railways.

What is ICMS, and how it functions

ICMS is an acronym that stands for Integrated Coaching Management System. Millions of passengers use the railway as a very comfortable transportation mean. People book their journeys and trips every day with the confidence that when their train arrives on the appointed day, it will bring a coach that has a special place for all of them. To meet these requirements and people’s expectations day in day out, the IR, i.e., Indian Railways, need to track more than around 50 thousand coaches.

Via efficiently deploying the train fleet, railways can run far more services to benefit each of their passengers while minimizing any possibilities and chances of passengers' disappointment, complaints, or disruption during their journey. Indian Railways (IR) also needs to ensure that these assets get timely maintenance and servicing. Depending upon the requirement and need, the IR system can also deliver some historical records from past years in printed reports or even as up-to-the-minute information on an official's cell phone.

How to access ICMS reports powered by CRIS Indian Railways?

In order to access the Integrated Coaching Management System (ICMS) reports that is initially powered and delivered by the Centre for Railway Information Systems of Indian Railways (IR), you will need to create an account for the ICMS website to gain access to data and reports.

On the official web page of ICMS Indian railway is "icms.indianrail.gov.in." On the home page of this website, you will find the login section to enter your username and password. But first, you must ensure you have registered and owe your account for the ICMS IR system. To find out how to register for this website in order to gain access to ICMS reports and data, you should see and follow the below-listed instructions and steps.

Step 1 – First of all, you need to go to the official website of the Integrated Coaching Management System (ICMS). In your browser, search for the "icms.indianrail.gov.in" website.

Step 2 – If you are a new user, you should click on the green button "Register Here." Once doing so, the system will automatically redirect you to a new page.

Step 3 – On a new page, called "User Profile," you will find two required fields that need to be filled with your personal information. Namely, you should enter the details such as a registration code given by your RB, Admin, Zone, division, etc. And in the second field, you need to enter the registration password, which is case-sensitive. Once doing so, click on the "Confirm" button.

Step 4 – Follow the instructions shown on your screen.

How to log in to ICMS reports powered by CRIS Indian Railways

Once you create a new account of the official web page of ICMS Indian railway is "icms.indianrail.gov.in," you will need to log in to the page. Below you will find practical steps and instructions to quickly access and login to the ICMS reports page.

Step 1 – In the first section of the login session, you need to enter your user ID.

Step 2 – In the second section of the login session, you need to enter a password.

Step 3 – You can tick the option “Remember me” if you would like the ICMS system to save your login credentials and information, to automatically log you back into the system once you come back to that page.

Step 4 – Once you complete both required sections, click on the red “Login” button.

How to reset the ICMS reports system password?

People often ask what happens if you forgot your ICMS report account password. In that case, you should click the “forgot password?” option, located below the “Login” button, on the same page of the login session. Below you will find two password reset options.

Option 1 – Reset your password. You should enter your "Registered Mobile Number," then press the button "Get OTP." An OTP will be sent right to your mobile number. After that, enter the "OTP" and create a new password. Finally, click the "Confirm" button. You will be required to verify your new password.

Option 2 – You can re-activate your de-activated ICMS reports account due to various failed login attempts done all by you. To do so, you should enter your account user ID. Then press on the "Get OTP" button. An OTP will be sent immediately right to your mobile number. After that, you must enter the "OTP" code and click the "Activate User Account" button. If the OTP is validated, then your ICMS account will be automatically activated.