Iceland bonus card register

What is the Iceland bonus card?

The Iceland bonus card allows its users to load savings either in-store and online whenever they like. Iceland bonus car holders receive a £1 bonus for per £20 they save so that users can see those savings quickly grow. The card also provides a free home delivery service when the bonus cardholder spends around £25 or even more in-store promotions, exclusive news, and discounts within the year.

New Iceland bonus cardholders can benefit right from a new bonus cardholder's Registration Bonus system. The Registration Bonus, if available, will typically be added directly to the cardholder's card for five days period and will expire up to 2 weeks from the date of loading, unless the bonus is spent in-store. Iceland and the Food Warehouse can provide promotional bonuses at any point. Besides, Iceland bonus cardholders should be informed that the amount, time for adding to their bonus card, and the expiry date for these will be automatically governed by terms and conditions, available from time to time.

How to get an Iceland bonus card

Anyone over 18 years old and who lives in the United Kingdom is allowed to obtain the Iceland bonus card. New cardholders can also sign up for a Digital Bonus Card online right at web page, or they can pick up a physical Iceland bonus card next time they are in-store. In that sense, they can register their details at the official website of Iceland bonus card, at

What is needed for the Iceland bonus card register?

To register and sign in at the official site Cardholders must go directly to the "My Account" page. To do so, one must select the "Bonus Card" and then follow the on-screen instructions to add the preferred card. Also, be aware and note that Iceland bonus cardholders may only add one Bonus Card to their online account. If the bonus cardholder has recently added an Iceland bonus card that he/she would like to replace with an alternative or new bonus card, then he/she must note that he/she will need to wait up to 24 hours right before making any other changes. After 24 hours, the cardholder can add his/her new or even an alternative bonus card.

When the bonus cardholder signs up for a Digital Bonus Card online, he/she will not be able to receive a physical Bonus Card. The Iceland bonus digital card may be used precisely as Iceland's physical bonus card, both online and in-store. Cardholders can either use their digital Bonus Card to pay or top-up for their shopping in-store or online. They simply will need to swipe their Bonus Card barcode at the till in-store.

About Iceland bonus card register

Iceland Bonus Cards are accessible in all UK Iceland and the Food Warehouse stores to anyone aged 18 and above and is a resident of the UK. Iceland's Bonus Card Savings Scheme allows registered bonus cardholder to add savings to their Bonus Card. Cardholders must be wary that they will not add any savings right until their bonus card is written correctly.

The Iceland Bonus Card must be registered online. Cardholders should enter the next 11 digits of their Iceland Bonus Card number. The bonus cardholders are only permitted to obtain one Bonus Card and one key fob. Various bonus cards are not allowed to be received and can be canceled. Meaning that once registered, Iceland bonus cards and the key fobs are personal to per registered Iceland bonus cardholder responsible for all usage of their key fob and bonus card.

How to sign in for the Iceland bonus card

In order to sign in for the Iceland bonus card, the cardholder will be required to enter the last 11 digits of his/her Bonus Card number as shown on his/her bonus card. Once the cardholder is signed in to his/her personal bonus card account, he/she will be able to review his/her favorites, manage the account, and complete orders.

Another option to sign in to the website is to enter a valid email address and password. Once entered user’s credentials, the bonus cardholder must click on the “Sign in a securely” button like shown in the above photo.

If the Iceland bonus cardholder forgets his/her account password, he/she should click on the "Forgot your password?" button below the sign-in section. The web page will automatically redirect the user to a new page, where he/she will be required to enter his/her email address, where the user will receive a link to reset the password.

How to add a new Iceland bonus card

If Iceland bonus cardholder is shopping in-store, he/she may use various Bonus Cards. If the cardholder is shopping online, then he/she must be aware that he/she can only add one Iceland Bonus Card to his/her online account. If the cardholder wants to add an alternate or new Bonus Card to the online account, then the cardholder will need to:

  • Visit the Bonus Card Account;
  • Remove the bonus card the cardholder is currently using;
  • Add an alternative or new Iceland Bonus Card to a personal online account;
  • Be wary that the process may take around 24 hours to process the user's new Bonus Card.