Hegarty maths hack

What is Hegarty maths?

Generally speaking, Hegarty Maths is an educational tool which is mainly used by various schools based in the United Kingdom. The Hegarty maths tool is also often used as a replacement for basic mathematics homework tasks. Colin Hegarty who is the creator of the Hegarty maths subscription tool was the UK Teacher of the Year in 2015. A year later, in 2016, Colin was also shortlisted for the Varkey Foundation's Global Teacher Prize.

Hegarty Maths educational tool covers a range of different topics and has more than 900 tasks to complete. A task consists of an educational video together with examples and an explanation on the particular topic. After the tasks, Hegarty maths tool provides a quiz to do, which includes topic-specific questions. The Hegarty maths website is constantly updated and more and more topics are added to follow and work in line with the GCSE mathematics curriculum. Students are enabled to do the Hegarty maths tasks by themselves, or teachers can even assign all these tasks to their students to finish up for revision purposes or as homework and then check and monitor the student's progress.

History of Hegarty maths

Hegarty Maths was launched by teachers and co-founders Brian Arnold and Colin Hegarty. In 2011, Hegarty maths creators began to make different maths videos on YouTube channel to support their classes with maths revision and homework. Since the youtube videos were freely accessible throughout the YouTube channel, students from all over the country (UK) together with the rest of the world's students, quickly started to use Brian and Colin's maths videos.

In 2012, Colin Hegarty won around £15,000 of funding from SHINE, which is an education charity. Colin got this funding via its "Let Teachers SHINE" competition, to make a site to host more and more videos and create more content. The initial website was created on July 12, 2013, when it was first called www mathswebsite.com. The Hegarty maths website was launched to cover and provide free maths videos to help and assist students in homework and revision. The site is still available today and can be used by anyone.

In February 2016, Hegarty maths new website was introduced. Later, in 2019, Colin Hegarty decided to sold the Hegarty Maths to Sparx which is a company selling revision GCSE packages. After that, Colin Hegathy became the part of the leadership team for Sparx selling revision and continued to lead the development on Hegarty Maths site.

How to access to Hegarty maths?

Hegarty Maths can be used to aid revision and set homework. This educational tool is also good to get quick help, assistance, and support by using its tutorial videos, explanations, and quizzes the Hegarty maths site provides. All tasks and exercises are given to students with a deadline of a week for the finish. Besides, students will find some clear instructions on how the tasks can be completed.

Hegarty Maths is accessed via its official website. Besides the web version, the site can be simply accessed on any operating systems and platforms such as a computer, PC, laptop, tablet, iPad, or mobile phone that has access to the internet connection or WiFi.

The official website is www hegartymaths.com. If students search for Hegarty maths on google, the site will immediately come up, but they need to make sure that they are not trying to open another schools URL on their website. Students may then be prompted to enter their school, full name, the date of birth and their account's password. It is a password students chose the first time they logged in Hegarty maths account. If a student has forgotten his/her Hegarty maths account password then he/she can alert a member of staff to reset the password.