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About Healthcare HCA

HCA Healthcare is one of the best and nation's leading healthcare providers services holding around 185 hospitals and about 2,000 ambulatory sites of care, including freestanding ERs, surgery centres, urgent care centres as well as physician clinics, in total of 20 states and the United Kingdom. Each day, over 275,000 colleagues go to work with a main collective focus - caring for all their patients.

As a learning health system, Healthstream HCA analyzes the data right from more than 32 million patient encounters per year. This data supports the development of technologies and provides best practices that as a result, improve patient care and experience. Healthcare HCA also shares its learnings along with the government agencies and larger healthcare communities to improve patient care everywhere.

HCA is overall comprised of 185 hospitals and around 2,000 sites of care. It makes it possible to provide a life-long career to its employees. Within the company, workers can transfer locations, discover a new career path, or even change roles.

How to access HealthStream via Google Chrome

You can access Healthstream by using Google Chrome. To find out how to get access to the platform read more below. It is recommended by the HCA company that users use the latest version of Google Chrome instead of Internet Explorer for the most consistent and smooth experience with HealthStream courses. Below, you will find a guide on how to start:

HealthStream in Google Chrome:

Step 1 – Press on the Google Chrome icon located on your desktop or search for it in the Task Bar located at the bottom of your computer screen.

Note: Here is another alternative, you can click on the Start button located in the lower-left corner, then type ‘Chrome’, and tap on the Google Chrome icon in the list of programs.

Step 2 – Now, navigate to the title bar or the Search box.

Step 3 – You should type the domain address of the Healthstream HCA portal which is www

Step 4 – Once you type in, click on the ENTER key on your keyboard.

Step 5 – If you are connected to the Healthtream HCA network, then be aware of the fact that no username, ID, or password is required to enter.

Using Internet Explorer to access HealthStream

Besides accessing Healthstream via Google Chrome, you can easily get into the account by using Internet Explorer. Also note that you can get access to HealthStream using any of the following methods, which is likely to appear. Here are steps to access HealthStream with Internet Explorer:

• To access Healthstream, click on the HealthStream button located on Launchpad

• You can also press on the HealthStream link on Atlas or even on your facility’s intranet

• Double-click on a HealthStream icon which is located on your desktop (of course if you have one)

• You can also select a shortcut in your web browser or simply type in a domain address to start the HLC, such as www Healthstream com/HCA or even www Healthstream com/Parallon.

Access Healthstream HCA remotely

If work from home or does not have access to the office network, here is a suggestion on how to access Healthstream HCA remotely, out of the office. You can simply access HealthStream from your home PC by typing or into your web browser’s address bar and tap on the ENTER key to open the website.

Here are some tips to consider when accessing Healthstream remotely:

Tip 1 – Be aware of the fact that Google Chrome is the preferred web browser for the HealthStream HCA portal.

Tip 2 – Ensure that you type the domain address in the browser’s address bar of your PC instead of searching for the website address in the search box, like Google. Refer to the example image below to see where you should type the address.

Once you click ENTER, the screen (see below image) will immediately appear. (*Note that if you use the Parallon address, then the Parallon logo will display instead of the Healthstream HCA logo). The page (see below image) enables you to log in to HCA by using your network credentials: User ID and Password that you use to log in to a PC at an HCA facility.

Below you can take a look through the important notes to consider:

  • Check what you should enter in the User ID and Password fields – In the first, User ID field, you should enter your network login or even 3-4 ID number that you use for Meditech. Concerning the second, Password field, you need to enter your network password or even the password that you use to log in to Meditech. Once you provide both credentials, do not forget to click Sign In.
  • Logging out of HCA – Once you finish with your HCA session, you must close the web browser window. It is not needed to tap on the Logout button. If you want to start the HealthStream Learning Center again, then you should use the same method you used before.
  • HCA network password – If you do not have your Healthstream HCA network password, then you should click the box on the login screen which is labelled as “Don’t have a User ID and Password?”;

By selecting this box, you will be immediately taken to the standard HealthStream login page. Here you will be able to log in with your existing HealthStream user ID and password, which is mostly 3-4 ID for both your User ID and password. Once you log in with your initial login credentials, you will receive the notification asking you to reset your password (see below image):

Note: You will not be allowed to recover it to your current HCA password.

If you want to set up an HCA password reminder tool – It is suggested to set a password reminder, if you do not wish to log in with your 3-4 ID and network password. Follow the instructions below:

Step 1 – Tap on the drop-down arrow located next to your name.

Step 2 – Press on Account Settings.

Step 3 – Click Manage Password.

Step 4 – Click to add a Password Reminder.

Step 5 – Now click Change Password.

Step 6 – If you forget your HCA password, click on the Reminder link for help.