Fire emoji

What is the fire emoji?

The fire emoji represents a flame that comes mostly in yellow with little reddish and orange colors on its top. The fire emoji is commonly used to resemble that something is exciting, cool, awesome, or more colloquially said - "on fire." The emoji may also convey that someone is sexy and attractive (i.e., hot) or define other metaphorical fires. A flame mainly serves a message when something is on fire. In 2010, the fire emoji was approved as part of Unicode 6.0, and in 2015, the emoji was added to Emoji 1.0.

Where does the fire emoji come from

The fire emoji is often called just the hot, flame, or lit emoji. The fire emoji is widely used to praise something or someone, signifying that an object, person, movie, album, or so on is "lit," a slang term describing something exceptionally tremendous and cool. As the fire lit is also a slang word for "intoxicated," the fire emoji doubles it as a way to say that someone is wasted or very high. Since the early 1990s, the term "fire" has been commonly used as a colloquial language word for high-quality weed in hip-hop. Accordingly, often the fire emoji is meant to reference marijuana.

The meaning of the fire emoji

The fire emoji is quite popular and is used in various meanings, depending on the context. The context in which the fire emoji can be used can vary from the emoji's direct meaning (for instance, to symbolize the campfire) to any other strong emotion. For example, fire emoji can mean excitement, hate, love, energy, fierceness, and almost anything imaginable — even failure and shame. The fire emoji is a recognized symbol of sexual attractiveness, too, i.e., it can be the synonym for desire, hotness, and passion.

How to type fire emoji

To type or insert the fire emoji on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc., you can directly copy the fire emoji character from here: ?. The symbol is a unique character, not an icon or image, to use it anywhere on the web and messages.

Another option is to type the fire emoji is to use its encodings, such as:

  • Unicode - U+1F525
  • HTML Code Decimal - 🔥
  • HTML Code Hexa - 🔥
  • URL Escape Code - %F0%9F%94%A5
  • PHP 7 - \u{1F525}
  • JavaScript - \u1F525
  • JSON - \u1F525
  • CSS - \01F525
  • Java - \u1F525
  • C, C++ \u1F525
  • Python - \u1F525
  • Perl - \x{1F525}
  • Ruby - u{1F525}.

How to use fire emoji

There are several popular phrases with fire emoji, such as:

  • It's super cool! ?
  • You look so ?!
  • It's too hot outside ?.

Below you can take a look at some emoji combinations to make riddles and message without words:

  • ? ? ⬅️️ ? - intention: “Go to hell”;
  • ? ? - meaning: “Hot chick”;
  • ? ➡️️ ? - definition: “Burn after reading or studying”;
  • ? ? ? - resembling: “Car crash or car incident”;
  • ? ? ? - expressing: “Heat”;
  • ? ⏰ - meaning: “Fire alarm”;
  • ? ? - meaning: “Hot tub”;
  • ? ? - resembling: “Phoenix”;
  • ? ? - meaning: “Something very spicy”;
  • ? ? - definition: “Firetruck”;
  • ?? ? - expressing: “Anger”;
  • ? ??‍♀️ ? - meaning: “Inquisition”;
  • ?‍❤️‍?‍? ? - expressing: “Love between two people”;
  • ? ? ? - resembling: “Fire in the woods or forest”;
  • ? ? ? - meaning: “Put out a fire”;
  • ? ❤️️ - meaning: “Fire love”;
  • ? ⛺ ? - resembling: “Making bonfire”;

Fire emoji across different devices

The fire emoji is a unique character used on tablets, smartphones, and computers. Sometimes, the platform needs to support specific emoji to enable users to use it freely. Otherwise, that emoji might not appear. On many platforms, users can use the shortcode like this :fire: to add the fire emoji to their messages.

Different devices design their versions of the fire emoji. On these images (See above), you can see the slightly different designs of the fire emoji displayed on Android, iOS, and other devices and social networking sites.