Fantage rewritten

What is Fantage

Generally speaking, Fantage was a massively-multiplayer online role-playing game, shortly referred to as MMORPG. Fantage involved a virtual world which contained a wide selection of activities and online games, all developed by Fantage Inc company. The Fantage game featured a customizable cartoon avatar, which was commonly known as a "Fantagian". Fantage users are enabled to use and customize the cartoon avatar with items starting from hair ending to accessories and clothing options (see image below).

Initially, on March 17, 2008, the Fantage was launched and introduced to the general public. Since then, Fantage has expanded into a large online community — as a result, the Fantage games had earned more than 16 million registered users by January 2012, as well as around 30 million gamers by December 2014.

The Fantage game was created for the 7 to 17 age group users. According to its creators and founders, Fantage was intended to mainly focus on child safety, that was made possible by a 3-tiered safety system. This 3-tiered safety system had various features, for instance, such as automatic word filtering, professional chat moderation, an in-game user reporting system, and different chat options for parents. On May 17, 2018, the day Fantage appeared publicly, the company announced that the game would shut down soon on June 30, 2018. As a result on July 1, 2018, at 12:36 AM EDT, the Fantage has closed down its servers to all users.

After that, the Fantage started to serve as a self-funded organization, but soon the company received an infusion of capital right from Nexon. Initial admission into the Fantage company was free and its users could continue to use the gaming platform. However, most of the Fantage premium membership was required to gain access to the full website including most rare items, clothing items, most gems, most pets, and customization options.

Besides, Fantage users could also purchase Gold or eCoins, which by that period were extra currencies together with Stars, in bulk amounts for set fees to use in-game for some microtransactions. Gold and eCoins may be used to buy almost everything, every item, but only eCoins can be used to purchase pet codes to help and speed up pet hatching, while only Gold can be used to buy Limited items as well as those items provided by other players in MyMall. My Mall is an area in the Fantage game that is offered to the users who use the premium membership status and have the ability to sell various items.

Facts and history of Fantage rewritten

Fantage was first launched in early 2008s together with 80,000 beta testers. Fantage included games, missions, Fashion shows, and a whole lot more. Soon the platform started to grow popular within the years building up to around four servers of different locations. The most popular years for Fantage were the period from 2010 to 2013. The community of Fantage have divided the years into three categories, namely:

  • Beta 2008 – mid – 2011;
  • Old Fantage mid – 2011 – mid – 2013;
  • New Fantage mid – 2013 – mid – 2018.

Then, in the late 2016s, the Fantage was under the risk to lose the user fanbase as most of the players were growing out of the game. Most active users found the Fantage game bugging and did not have as many blog updates shopping or repairs a year before the official announcement. Two years later, the Fantage Celebrated its 10th anniversary of serving its users with a small party event that was followed by the announcement of its closure.

Fantage rewritten Le shop colour by number

A few months after the Fantage officially closed a new application appeared on the apple app store and google. The application was running under the name of "Le Shop Color By Number". It is a game where the user can colour clothing for Fantage cartoon avatars by using the same name as the Clothing store which in Fantage emotes avatar design and its backgrounds.

Interestingly, the application developers are unknown yet, since other than the company name was found on the web page of MSI Lab Inc. Hence, no one knows who are the creators/founders of the |Le Shop Color By Number” application.