Express recharge my vodafone australia

What is My Vodafone Australia

My Vodafone Australia is an excellent application that enables its users to pay their bills, recharge their prepaid service, check personal account balance, check the app usage history, update app settings, etc. Those who wish to use the service that My Vodafone Australia app provides can download the application through App Store for iOS device users or Google Play Store for Android device users. To access My Vodafone Australia account through a web browser, users should first set up an account username and password via the registration process available at the www my Vodafone com au web page before logging in to the account.

How to register and log in to My Vodafone Australia

First of all, you must go directly to Vodafone's official website, at www my Vodafone com, to access the My Vodafone Australia version. You choose the "Login" or "Register" buttons at the login page depending on whether you have the account or no. If you have yet registered for My Vodafone Australia, you can quickly create a new account. Here are some details that you will be required to enter while registering:

  • You must enter your personal Vodafone mobile number;
  • Then enter your Vodafone account number;
  • Click the "Continue" button and follow the steps that will appear on your screen.

In order to log into your, My Vodafone Australia accounts, you should follow the step-by-step guide shown below. Follow these instructions:

Step 1 – Go to the www auth my Vodafone com au official website.

Step 2 – Enter your Vodafone account username or Vodafone mobile number.

Step 3 – Enter your account password.

Step 4 – Click on the "Login" button.

If you forget My Vodafone Australia account username, click on the "Forgot username?" button located below the login section. The site will automatically redirect you to a new page where you will be requested to answer your security question. Once you answer the question, the site will send your account username via email. But, before that, you should enter the email you registered with and click on the "Continue" button to complete the recovery process.

If you forgot your account password, click on the " Forgot password" button located under the login section. Then, on a new page, you will be required to answer your security question to receive a temporary password sent via text message or email.

What are express recharge tips on My Vodafone Austalia?

In this section, you will gain information on how to recharge My Vodafone Australia prepaid service. The best method to restore the prepaid service is by My Vodafone or Express Recharge. Users can easily access these pages without using data. First, you need to visit the www my account my Vodafone com au website where you will appear on the Recharge page. To recharge your Vodafone prepaid service, you must enter the mobile number that you want to change. Then press on "Continue" to follow the steps shown on your screen. However, if you wish to recharge your Vodafone prepaid service via voucher, you must then click on the "Recharge with voucher" button.

Another option to recharge My Vodafone Australia prepaid service is the following:

  • Send an SMS to No. 1511 with a proper code using your saved debit or credit card or your "My Credit" balance.
  • Call at 1511 right from your Vodafone phone. Then follow the prompts and use a credit or debit card or even a voucher.

My Vodafone Australia users are enabled to opt-in to Automatic Recharge by saving their credit card information. On the user's prepaid plan's expiry date, the user will be Auto Recharged on the same plan as his/her most recent Vodafone recharge.

How to pay for My Vodafone Australia recharge?

There are some payment options you may use for your Vodafone recharge.

Option 1 – Credit or debit card. You may recharge with VISA, MasterCard, or American Express. Be wary that by saving your debit/credit card, you will be later opted-in to Automatic Recharge. However, paying recharge with an unsaved debit/credit card incurs a card verification fee at $1, which is later reversed during seven days.

Option 2 – Voucher. Users may get a voucher from more than 20,000 outlets across Australia, including:

  • Vodafone stores;
  • Service stations;
  • Newsagents;
  • Supermarkets;
  • Convenience stores.

Users can redeem a voucher online via My Vodafone Australia and Express Recharge through SMS or the phone using the 12 digit PIN code.

Option 3 – Users can use a PayPal account to recharge online by My Vodafone Australia or Express Recharge. Users must sign up for PayPal and have enough funds in their PayPal account to pay for My Vodafone recharge. After recharge, the user's prepaid account balance will be automatically updated and ready to use within 5-15 minutes.

Option 4 – Users can use "My Credit" to recharge service via My Vodafone.

How to check My Vodafone Australia balance?

In this section, you will find out some useful ways to check your Vodafone balance in a few seconds:

Option 1 – You will need to login into your My Vodafone Australia account to be allowed to check your Vodafone prepaid balance on the dashboard.

Option 2 – You can dial at 1512 right from your Vodafone phone to know your exact Vodafone balance.

Option 3 – You can text "BAL" directly to 1512 to receive a text message outlining your Vodafone balance;

Option 4 – You can also use My Vodafone's self-service application called "My Vodafone."