Ednrd ae visa check

About DNRD's e-service for visa inquiries

Dubai Residency Department launched a website portal for offices and airline companies and for those who may inquire about any visa. An individual or airline needs only to key in some information for privacy grounds to avail of the first-of-its-kind service throughout the region. The areas to be filled include the type of details to inquire about, such as the applicant's name, date of birth, gender, and nationality.

The e-service for visa inquiries can be reached at the www ednrd ae web page. People can inquire about the residence visa, validity of entry permit, e-DNRD application, residence application status, and e-form application through the same link.

How to check Dubai visa status online by ednrd ae

Dubai is the 2nd largest city in the UAE, famous for business opportunities, vacation, shopping, infrastructure facilities, and entertainment globally acclaimed destination offers. Hence, millions of visitors worldwide decide to visit Dubai annually for a variety of reasons. Based on the visitor's nationality or origin, he/she will need to figure out whether or not he/she will require a visa to enter Dubai.

For instance, GCC nationals (i.e., Gulf Cooperation Council) countries do not require a Dubai visa. People visiting Dubai from over 30 countries in European, American, and Far Eastern regions are all issued a permit upon arrival.

All visitors who do not meet the above group requirements would require a visa to enter Dubai. Depending on the purpose of the Dubai visit, the visitor's sponsor will apply for a Dubai visa in the form of a hotel, travel agency, airline service provider, friend, or relative. Different types of Dubai visas consist of around 96-hour visa, 30-day visa, 14-day visa, 90-day visa, 90-day multiple entry visa, and 30-day numerous entry visas.

Instructions to check Dubai visa status online

Once the passenger selects the right visa for Dubai and lodges an application, he/she will immediately receive a unique Application No. That process takes 4-5 working days to process the Dubai visa app. But suppose the visitor wants to track his/her Dubai visa status. In that case, he/she may check with a service provider or check it online by visiting the web page of the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs – i.e., Dubai (GDRFA – Dubai).

A division of the UAE's Ministry of Interior, the GDRFA's primary role is to monitor and control the entry and exit processes of visitors who travel to the UAE via land, air, and sea routes. Its main objective is to promote the status of the UAE as a crime-free spot via residency rules and strict border control issues.

The GDRFA has recently launched various advanced, user-friendly options to make its services accessible for visitors worldwide. That covers all types of transactions about the UAE residency and visa. The web page of GDRFA (www ednrd ae) is a newly founded platform that enables visitors to minimize the time spent on managing their visa application.

Here are some steps included in the tracking of visitors' Dubai visa status online:

  • Go to the www ednrd ae and log in to your account;
  • Click on the "Query GDRFA A-D App" button;
  • Then click on the "Select Service" button and pull-down menu to select it.
  • Next, enter "eDNRD Application No";
  • After that, fill in required fields, like Gender, First Name in English, Date of Birth, and Origin/Nationality.
  • Next, enter the captcha code;
  • Finally, press the "Submit" button.

Generally, the UAE visa online application status would be one of the following:

1. Visitor's entry permit request is processed - That indicates that the Dubai Immigration Department received the visitor's app and undergoes essential governmental procedures. The visitor's service provider will immediately get in touch with the visitor if they request any extra details for the visitor's visa approval and processing.

2. Unable to process visitor's request with given details - That answer generally appears when the GDRFA query form's entered details go wrong. Hence, before submitting the particulars, visitors must verify the fields and ensure that they match the details given in their Dubai visa app form.

3. Approved - If the ednrd ae visa status shows the sign of "Approved," then it means the visitor's Dubai visa is ready, and he/she will get it through email. Along with the visa status, visitor's will find information including the last date to enter Dubai.

4. Rejected - That means that the visitor's visa app is canceled because of one of the following reasons:

  • The visitor is a female under 25 years and plans to visit Dubai or the UAE alone;
  • As each passport, the visitor's profession falls right under the category of unskilled jobs;
  • The visitor has a criminal background or was deported from the country;
  • Visitor possess handwritten passport;
  • The visitor had applied for a tourist visa app, which is still active;
  • Visitor's previously used employment visa app is still functional;
  • The visitor has left the UAE without canceling his/her residence permit visa;
  • Visitor shares name, date of birth, or other similar details with other visa applicants;
  • Photos in the visitor's passport copy are not clear;
  • Typo errors are detected in the visitor's ednrd ae visa check form.