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About Dunelm home comforts

Generally speaking, Dunelm Limited company (previously known as Dunelm Mill (Soft Furnishings) Ltd.) is a British home textiles retailer founded in 1979 by Jeany Adderley and Bill Adderley. Dunelm home is represented by 169 superstores, three high street stores, and more than 100 in-store Pausa coffee shops. Dunelm home comfort is recognized as one of the largest homewares retailers throughout the United Kingdom/ It is headquartered in Watermead Business Park and Syston, Leicestershire, England. The dunelm retailer shop also has its factory for blinds, curtains, and various home accessories based in Leicester.

The Dunelm home comforts company provides a wide range of products, such as homewares, including dining, crafts, cookshop, pictures, and mirrors. Besides, customers can find various designs and styles of storage, lighting, flowers, duvets, doormats, pillows, rugs, decor, bathroom, custom curtains and fabrics, blinds, furniture, bedlinen, pets, throws, cushions, and beanbags. Also, they offer multiple choice of poles and curtain track.

How to log in to Dunelm home comforts

In order to log in to Dunelm's home comforts official website, you will first need to go to their web page, right at www dunelm careers com, where you will find a Login/Register button above, at the right side corner. Follow these steps to log into your dunelm home comforts account.

Step 1 – Once you visit the dunelm careers official website, look at the right corner of your screen. Here, you will see a Login/Register tab.

Step 2 – Click on the "Login/Register" tab.

Step 3 – A small Login screen will appear.

Step 4 – Enter the valid email address you registered with.

Step 5 – Enter your password you created while registering for the dunelm home comforts personal account.

Step 6 – Once you enter both credentials, click on the "Login" button, and the site will automatically redirect you to your profile.

Suppose you want the site to save your login information so that, next time you log in, it automatically recognizes your username and logs you into your profile. In that case, you must tick on the "Remember username" sections.

If you forgot your account password, you would need to click on the "Forgot password" located under the main login sections. Once you click on this button, the site will automatically take you to a new web page, where you will be requested to enter the valid email address you registered with. Once you do so, click on the "Continue" button, and the dunelm home comforts website will send you a link directly to your email address. You will need to check your email inbox and go to that link to complete the password recovery process.

How to create a new profile at dunelm home comforts

Suppose you are a new user of the Dunelm home comforts company. In that case, you will need to register and create a new account/profile to become a member of this retailer company or to apply for jobs offered by dunelm home comforts limited. Below, you will find out what kind of information is required from you to be allowed to register. Follow these instructions and step by step guide.

Step 1 – First of all, you will have to answer the question "How did you hear about us?", you can choose the answer from the section, which includes alternatives such as social referral, job board, referral, local advertising, social media, search engine, University careers portal, or other;

Step 2 – You must indicate your title, i.e., Mr, Mrs, Miss, Ms, Doctor;

Step 3 – Enter your forename;

Step 4 – Enter your surname;

Step 5 – Enter your mobile telephone number;

Step 6 – Enter your email address (Note: it will be used as your username);

Step 7 – You must confirm your email address (Username);

Step 8 – Create your account password (Note: password must include at least eight characters; It must also contain at least one number and one capital letter;

Step 9 – Tick the relevant answer (Yes/No) for this question: "Do you currently work for us?";

Step 10 – Tick the relevant answer (Yes/No) for this question: "Would you like to receive Job Alerts from us?";

Be informed that before you start to use your on-line app and input personal details, you must read Dunelm home comfort company's Privacy Statement. It includes company policies related to the collection and use of users' data. By selecting to "Register Today" button, the user agrees to the terms of the Privacy Statement and accepts the notice that his/her information will be held and used as described in the statement.

Step 11 – In order to finalize your registration process, you will need to click click on the "Register button.