Drool emoji

Drool emoji meaning

A drool emoji is featured with a yellow face, with closed or half-closed eyes, and raised eyebrows, along with saliva drooling from one corner of the emoji's mouth. The drool emoji is frequently used to reveal a desire for a person or object (for example, it can signify attractive, beautiful, sexy, etc.) or for an item (for instance, the emoji can indicate delicious food, luxury things, items, etc.). Besides, emoji can also represent someone who is sleeping, napping, or is just tired.

People are often confused with similar-looking emojis, such as ? the face savoring food and ? the emoji's sleepy face. The savoring food emoji ?represents a smiley slurping in satisfaction, though both the savoring and the drooling emoji do get used for tasty eats and treats.

How to use drool emoji

The most widely known definition of the drooling emoji is a strong desire for something, from mouth-watering ? food to anything far more meaningful, like a new object (car, phone). It can also be a desire to attend some event, or even a person who uses the emoji finds attractive. In that sense, the drooling emoji can also convey a strong appreciation of some visions or ideas. In a sarcastic sense, the emoji can be used as a symbol of someone's stupidity or inappropriate action.

Here you can read some useful phrases with the use of ? drool emoji:

  • "This car looks so great that I want to have it." ?
  • "So excited for dinner." ?
  • "She looks so beautiful… I'm speechless." ?
  • "Sorry, I'm so stupid." ?

Besides the phrases, you can create simple emoji combinations using the drooling emoji and other similar icons that convey an idea. You may use the below-listed combinations to message without words or even make some riddles, such as:

  • ? ? ?️ ― The sun hid.
  • ? ? ? ― Praying before eating.
  • ⚒️️ ? ? ― Shower after hard work.
  • ? ? ― I love donuts.
  • ? ? ― It is so tasty.

Ways to Insert drool emoji

In 2016, the drooling emoji was first approved as part of Unicode 9.0 and was added to Emoji 3.0. If you need to type the drool emoji face, you can copy and paste from here ― ?. Another option to insert the drooling emoji into your web page, blog post, or in your message input box, you should know some of the primary code point characters to get the emoji in just a few seconds.

Below, you can find the most useful code point characters used to insert the drooling emoji. Among these codes, you will see Unicode, HTML codes, Alt codes, Shortcodes, URL search codes, Hex and Decimal codes, and many others that may appear helpful for developers as well. See examples below:

  • Shortcode for drool emoji ― :drooling_face:
  • Unicode point character for drool emoji ― U+1F924 (fully-qualified);
  • Hex code points for drool emoji ― 1F924;
  • URL escape code characters for drool emoji ― %F0%9F%A4%A4;
  • HTML in decimal code for drool emoji ― 🤤
  • HTML in hex code for drool emoji ― 🤤
  • CSS code for drool emoji ― \01F924
  • Perl code for drool emoji ― \x{1F924}
  • PHP & Rubycode for drool emoji ― \u{1F924}
  • C, C++ & Python code for drool emoji ― \U0001f924;
  • Java, JavaScript & JSON code for drool emoji ― \uD83E\uDD24;
  • Punycode for drool emoji ― xn--dq9h.

Drool emoji design

The drool emoji is mostly designed as a smiley, with a bit open mouth and saliva stream (but the design widely depends on the emoji provider). For instance, whether you desperately desire a nice pair of shoes, a delicious meal, or that great car, you might look like the drooling face emoji ― ?.

The emoji is mainly used to convey such desire, lust, and longing. These emojis can look utterly different across each platform, since every gadget, web service, or OS manufacturer can create emojis with unique design, vision, and colors.