Dot symbol

Dot symbol meaning

Generally, a dot is a tiny small spot, mark, or period used for punctuation or in letters. For instance, the dot symbol is the period that is usually inserted at the end of the sentence; or it can be the spot above a lower case "i."

The dot symbol definition differs among the various fields, such as mathematics, music, computer science, punctuation, etc. For example, in mathematics, the dot symbol serves as a decimal point. The dot symbol can also indicate multiplication, as in this example: 2 · 4 = 8, where the character (·) represents the dot sign. Whereas in music, the dot symbol may be used as a mark right after a note that indicates an increase in time value by half. As in computer science, the dot symbol serves as a period and is used as in email addresses and URLs to separate strings of words.

Dot symbol, and other bullet signs

Dot symbols and other similarily designed bullet point symbols are icons that are mainly used to indicate items in a list. In traditional email marketing and text messaging, the dot symbol may also separate some pieces of information in text or titles. You can type dot symbol for bullet point • right from the computer's keyboard. You will read about the tips to use the dot symbol below of this article.

Dot symbols and bullet symbols are also typographical glyphs or symbols used to signify items in a list. The bullet signs can take any of a variety of shapes compared to the dot symbol, which is always circle and differs in coloring only. For example, bullet symbols can have the appearance of a middle dot symbol •, diamond, square, arrow ➡, bullet symbol itself ⁍, etc. A typical MS Word processor software provides a wide selection of colors and shapes for bullets and dots. Some regular symbols are conventionally used in ASCII-only text.

Here are bullet and dot symbols to copy and paste:

  1. • a small black circle shape dot symbol (also used as a bullet sign).
  2. ○ You can copy a small white circle-shaped dot symbol (also used as a bullet sign).
  3. ⚫ A big black circle shape is used as a

dot symbol.

  1. ⚪ A big white circle shape is used as a dot symbol.

How to type dot symbol

There are various ways to type a dot symbol. One of the easiest ways to type the dot symbol is to use the standard keyboard shortcut on your computer, gadget, or mobile device. You can search for the dot symbol on your keyboard and directly press it - (.) like that. However, this dot symbol is more like used in punctuation and writing fields, so you should consider for what purpose you need the dot symbol to use in your text.

You may also use codes to insert the dot symbols, often called bullets, because of its similar circle shape. To type such dot symbols, you will need to know code point characters, since these symbols are not available on a standard computer or mobile keyboards and usually require a special symbol keyboard to install. To avoid installation and save time, you can glance at the below-listed codes that can help you get your dot symbol just in few seconds.

See examples below:

  • If you want to insert the black dot symbol • then use the code •
  • If you want to insert the white dot symbol, ◦ then use the code ◦
  • If you want to type the black shaped white dot symbol, ⦾ then use the code ⦾
  • If you want to type the white shaped black dot symbol, ⦿ then use the code ⦿

How to use the above-listed code point characters? You can hit and hold the ALT key on your keyboard and then type the desired symbols' code, in that case, for the dot symbol. You may use Unicode dot symbols in an HTML document or directly copy and then paste the character.